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Task allocation for unmanned aerial vehicles in mobile crowdsensing

Mobile crowdsensing is a new paradigm for intelligent mobile devices to collect and share various types of sensing data in the urban environment. The recent rapid development of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology facilitates the realization …

11-05-2021 | Original Paper

Optimal resource utilization for intra-cluster D2D retransmission and cooperative communications in VANETs

D2D communications are treated as potential services to achieve data re-transmissions among multicast vehicle-to-vehicle communications within one cluster, which can be used to improve the performance in vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs). In this …

11-05-2021 | Original Paper

Buffering_Slotted_ALOHA protocol for underwater acoustic sensor networks based on the slot status

The high throughput, the time saving, and the lower energy consumption are fundamental issues that draw in the consideration of the Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks (UWSNs) field specialists. Medium Access Control (MAC) protocols in UWSNs are …

10-05-2021 | Original Paper

Inertial optimization MCL deep mine localization algorithm based on grey prediction and artificial bee colony

To solve the problem that the existing Monte Carlo Localization (MCL) algorithm has long localization time and large localization error in the real-time localization of downhole personnel and mobile equipment, an inertial optimization MCL deep …

10-05-2021 Open Access

Second order Kalman filtering channel estimation and machine learning methods for spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks

We address the problem of spectrum sensing in decentralized cognitive radio networks using a parametric machine learning method. In particular, to mitigate sensing performance degradation due to the mobility of the secondary users (SUs) in the …

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The wireless communication revolution is bringing fundamental changes to data networking, telecommunication, and is making integrated networks a reality. By freeing the user from the cord, personal communications networks, wireless LAN's, mobile radio networks and cellular systems, harbor the promise of fully distributed mobile computing and communications, any time, anywhere.

Focusing on the networking and user aspects of the field, Wireless Networks provides a global forum for archival value contributions documenting these fast growing areas of interest. The journal publishes refereed articles dealing with research, experience and management issues of wireless networks. Its aim is to allow the reader to benefit from experience, problems and solutions described.

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