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Wireless Personal Communications 1/2022
Wireless Personal Communications

Issue 1/2022


Table of Contents (46 Articles)


Elliptic Curve Cryptography Based Authentication Protocol Enabled with Optimized Neural Network Based DoS Mitigation
Sobini X. Pushpa, S. Kanaga Suba Raja

17-03-2022 | Correction

Correction to: Elliptic Curve Cryptography Based Authentication Protocol Enabled with Optimized Neural Network Based DoS Mitigation
Sobini X. Pushpa, S. Kanaga Suba Raja


Analysis of Rain-Induced Attenuation at Ku-V Band Using Gamma Drop Size Distribution Model Over a Tropical Region
J. S. Ojo, D. B. Akoma, O. Adetan, S. E. Falodun


An Efficient Routing Strategy for Energy Management in Wireless Sensor Network Using Hybrid Routing Protocols
Raviteja Kocherla, Ramesh Vatambeti


Secure VM Migration in Cloud: Multi-Criteria Perspective with Improved Optimization Model
Garima Verma


Ergodic Capacity and Symbol Error Rate Analysis of a Wireless System with α-μ Composite Fading Channel
Fereshteh Salimian Rizi, Abolfazl Falahati


An Authentication Based Approach for Prevention of Spectrum Sensing Data Falsification Attacks in Cognitive Radio Network
Nikhil Marriwala, Himanshu Punj, Sunita Panda, Inderjeet Kaur, Deepak Rathore


Image Alignment in Pose Variations of Human Faces by Using Corner Detection Method and Its Application for PIFR System
Deepika Dubey, Geetam Singh Tomar


Edge Enhancement by Noise Suppression in HSI Color Model of UAV Video with Adaptive Thresholding
Ashish Srivastava, Jay Prakash

06-01-2022 | Correction

Correction to: Edge Enhancement by Noise Suppression in HSI Color Model of UAV Video with Adaptive Thresholding
Ashish Srivastava, Jay Prakash


IoT for Health Monitoring System Based on Machine Learning Algorithm
S. Balakrishnan, K. Suresh Kumar, L. Ramanathan, S. K. Muthusundar


A Self-Powered, Real-Time, NRF24L01 IoT-Based Cloud-Enabled Service for Smart Agriculture Decision-Making System
K. Lova Raju, V. Vijayaraghavan


Development of an Efficient Energy Management Strategy to Reduce Energy Consumption of Office Building Equipment
Payal Soni, J. Subhashini


Analyzing the Effectiveness of TCA-CBB by Comparing Various VANET  Broadcasting Algorithms in Terms of Quality of Service
S. Sumithra, R. Vadivel


On the Security of A Secure Anonymous Identity-Based Scheme in New Authentication Architecture for Mobile Edge Computing
Salman Shamshad, Minahil Rana, Khalid Mahmood, Muhammad Khurram Khan, Mohammad S. Obaidat


A Novel Second-Order Perturbation Technique for Improving the Signal Processing in MIMO-NOMA Based Cognitive Radio Networks
A. Hyils Sharon Magdalene, L. Thulasimani


In Search of a Location-Centric Rain Attenuation Model
Rajasri Sen Jaiswal, K. Thirumala Lakshmi


An Efficient Security Framework for Trusted and Secure Routing in MANET: A Comprehensive Solution
G. Vidhya Lakshmi, P. Vaishnavi


Adaptive Key Management-Based Cryptographic Algorithm for Privacy Preservation in Wireless Mobile Adhoc Networks for IoT Applications
Satyanarayana Pamarthi, R. Narmadha


Hybrid Cuckoo Search with Salp Swarm Optimization for Spectral and Energy Efficiency Maximization in NOMA System
R. Prameela Devi, N. Prabakaran


An Efficient Optimized Mouse and Keystroke Dynamics Framework for Continuous Non-Intrusive User Authentication
Princy Ann Thomas, K. Preetha Mathew


Boosted PTS Method with Mu-Law Companding Techniques for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems
Zeyid T. Ibraheem, Kawakib K. Ahmed, Yousef Fazea, Mohammed Madi, Fathey Mohammed, Abdulrazzaq Qasem Ali


Quad Band Printed Antenna for Wi-Fi, WLAN, C-band and WiMAX Applications
Penchala Reddy Sura, M. Sekhar, Kranthi Kumar Andhe


Effect of Nano Potassium Fertilizer on Cucumber Amino Acid Component, Volatile Metabolite Components and GLN Family Genes Expression
Xiaoting Hu, Yanhua Li, Weihong Xu, Yourong Chai


A Research on Bi-directional Double Clad Optical Fiber for 5G Communication with Multiband Radio Signal and Power for Disaster Management in Remote Units
C. T. Manimegalai, K. Kalimuthu, Sabitha Gauni


Transformation of Engineering Education in India Through Student Centric Learning Approach
Jagadeesh Basavaiah, Audre Arlene Anthony, Chandrashekar Mohan Patil


A Pentagonal Shaped Microstrip Planar Antenna with Defected Ground Structure for Ultrawideband Applications
Saida Ibnyaich, Samira Chabaa, Layla Wakrim, Abdessalam El Yassini, Abdelouhab Zeroual, Moha M’rabet Hassani


Unequal Clustering Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks—Taxonomy, Comparison and Simulation
Aarti Jain


FLEAC: Fuzzy Logic-based Energy Adequate Clustering Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks using Improved Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm
Bharat Bhushan, Gadadhar Sahoo


Secure Tamper-Resistant Electronic Health Record Transaction in Cloud System Via Blockchain
M. Lavanya, V. Kavitha


A Review on Recent Trends in Query Processing and Optimization in Big Data
Deepak Kumar, Vijay Kumar Jha


Data Privacy Preservation and Trade-off Balance Between Privacy and Utility Using Deep Adaptive Clustering and Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm
N. Yuvaraj, K. Praghash, T. Karthikeyan


Variability Analysis of SBOX With CMOS 45 nm Technology
Abhishek Kumar, Suman Lata Tripathi, Umashankar Subramaniam


Faster Synchronization of Triple Layer Neural Network Using Nature Inspired Whale Optimization: A Key Exchange Protocol
Arindam Sarkar


Removal of High Density Impulse Noise Using Adaptive Pulse Coupled Neural Network (APCNN) with Improved Alpha Guided Gray Wolf Optimization (IAgGWO) Technique in Transform Domain
J. Raja, K. Moorthi, R. Pitchai


Full-Duplex Relaying Schemes for Cooperative NOMA Networks with SWIPT
Shady M. Ibraheem, Walid Bedawy, Waleed Saad, Mona Shokair


Optimal Scheduling of Directional Sensors with QoS Constraints to Enhance the Lifetime
M. Anitha, P. Somasundaram, S. Balaji, S. Swetha


A Novel Three-Factor Authentication Scheme with High Security for Multi-Server Environments
Rui Chen, Yongcong Mou, Min Zhang


A Differential LNA Architecture with Improved Figure of Merit Using 40 nm UMC CMOS Technology for mmWave Band Receiver Applications
Ankita Verma, Pritesh Kumar Yadav, Manish Goswami, Prasanna Kumar Misra


Scintillation and Bit Error Rate Analysis of Lommel Beam
Mert Bayraktar


Distributed TDMA Frame with Transmission Slot Estimation for Fully Connected Wireless Multihop Networks
Ruchi Garg, Sumit Kumar, Shrawan Kumar


Cooperative Fusion Architecture-based Distributed Spectrum Sensing Under Rayleigh Fading Channel
Rania A. Mokhtar, Rashid A. Saeed, Hesham Alhumyani


A Novel Coverage Improved Deployment Strategy for Wireless Sensor Network
Sathees Lingam Paulswamy, A. Andrew Roobert, K. Hariharan


Speed Control of DC Motor with MRPID Controller in the Presence of Noise
Abhas Kanungo, Monika Mittal, Lillie Dewan, Vikas Mittal, Varun Gupta


EEG Based Automated Detection of Six Different Eye Movement Conditions for Implementation in Personal Assistive Application
Avishek Paul, Abhishek Chakraborty, Deboleena Sadhukhan, Saurabh Pal, Madhuchhanda Mitra


Detection and Mitigation of Smart Blackhole and Gray Hole Attacks in VANET Using Dynamic Time Warping
P. Remya krishnan, P. Arun Raj Kumar