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Wireless Personal Communications

Wireless Personal Communications 4/2016

Issue 4/2016

Table of Contents ( 24 Articles )

15-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

Outage Probability of Maximal Ratio Combiner in the Presence of Adjacent Cell Interference and Adjacent Channel Interference

Samala Nagaraju, Vidhyacharan Bhaskar

23-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

Implementation of DGPS Reference and User Stations Based on RPCE Factors

Mohammad Hossein Refan, Adel Dameshghi, Mehrnoosh kamarzarrin

07-09-2016 | Issue 4/2016

A Novel Data-Aided Joint Timing and Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation Based on Central Symmetry ZC Sequence in OFDM/OQAM Systems

Jianping Wang, Xianyu Du, Zhen He, Ke Zhang

10-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

Secrecy Outage Probability of a Distributed Multi-Antenna Cooperative Communication System

Nan Run Zhou, Xiao Rong Liang, Zhi Juan Kang, Li Hua Gong, Zhi Xue

15-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

Enhancements of the Dynamic TXOP Limit in EDCA Through a High-Speed Wireless Campus Network

M. K. Alam, S. A. Latif, M. Akter, F. Anwar, Mohammad Kamrul Hasan

13-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

An Innovative Design: MOS Based Full-Wave Centre-Tapped Rectifier

Prateek Jain, Shyam Akashe

17-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

An Untraceable Biometric-Based Multi-server Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol with Revocation

Chin-Chen Chang, Ngoc-Tu Nguyen

16-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

Smart Vehicle Navigation System Using Hidden Markov Model and RFID Technology

Reza Malekian, A. F. Kavishe, B. T. Maharaj, P. K. Gupta, G. Singh, H. Waschefort

22-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

Joint Secondary User Transceiver Optimization and User/Antenna Selection for MIMO–OFDM Cognitive Radio Networks with CSI Uncertainty

Abhishek Agrahari, Pulkit Garg, Aditya K. Jagannatham

23-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

A Cognitive Self-Organising Clustering Algorithm for Urban Scenarios

Victor Sucasas, Firooz B. Saghezchi, Ayman Radwan, Hugo Marques, Jonathan Rodriguez, Seiamak Vahid, Rahim Tafazolli

20-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

An Efficient Multicode Design for Real Time QoS Support in OVSF Based CDMA Networks

Davinder S. Saini, Vipin Balyan

22-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

WARM Based Data Pre-fetching and Cache Replacement Strategies for Location Dependent Information System in Wireless Environment

N. Ilayaraja, F. Mary Magdalene Jane, Maytham Safar, R. Nadarajan

21-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

Adaptive Power Control for A-CDMA Systems Over K-Distributed Fading Channels

Vidhyacharan Bhaskar, E. Gouthami Reddy

20-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

A Residual Energy Aware Schedule Scheme for WSNs Employing Adjustable Awake/Sleep Duty Cycle

Renning Xie, Anfeng Liu, Jianliang Gao

24-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

3D Localization and Frequency Band Estimation of Multiple Unknown RF Sources Using Particle Filters and a Wireless Sensor Network

Konstantinos A. Gotsis, Ioannis Kyriakides, John N. Sahalos

20-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

NADS: Neighbor Assisted Deployment Scheme for Optimal Placement of Sensor Nodes to Achieve Blanket Coverage in Wireless Sensor Network

Vikrant Sharma, R. B. Patel, H. S. Bhadauria, Devendra Prasad

27-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

TA-FSFT Thermal Aware Fail Safe Fault Tolerant algorithm for Wireless Body Sensor Network

G. R. Kanagachidambaresan, A. Chitra

20-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

Transmit Power Minimization for MIMO Systems of Exponential Average BER with Fixed Outage Probability

Dian-Wu Yue, Yichuang Sun

18-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

An Efficient Hybrid Anomaly Detection Scheme Using K-Means Clustering for Wireless Sensor Networks

Mohammad Wazid, Ashok Kumar Das

18-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

An Energy-Efficient Hybrid Routing Method for Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Sink

Farhoud Jafari Kaleibar, Maghsoud Abbaspour, Hadi S. Aghdasi

20-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

Unsupervised Performance Functions for Wireless Self-Organising Networks

Ana Gómez-Andrades, Raquel Barco, Pablo Muñoz, Inmaculada Serrano

24-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

A Watermarking Technique with Chaotic Fractional S-Box Transformation

Sajjad Shaukat Jamal, Muhammad Usman Khan, Tariq Shah

18-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

Differentiated Access Mechanism in Cognitive Radio Networks with Energy-Harvesting Nodes

Yunmin Kim, Chul Wan Park, Tae-Jin Lee

20-06-2016 | Issue 4/2016

Data Decision and Transmission Based on Mobile Data Health Records on Sensor Devices in Wireless Networks

Jia Wu, Zhigang Chen

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