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Wireless Personal Communications

Wireless Personal Communications 4/2017

Issue 4/2017

Advances and Challenges in Convergent Communication Networks (pp. 4919-5498)

Table of Contents ( 88 Articles )

11-09-2017 | Preface | Issue 4/2017

Advances and Challenges in Convergent Communication Networks

Homero Toral-Cruz, Albena D. Mihovska, Piotr Gaj, Debiao He, Julio Cesar Ramírez-Pacheco, Miroslav Voznak, Izabella Lokshina

11-09-2017 | Issue 4/2017

PEAL: Power Efficient and Adaptive Latency Hierarchical Routing Protocol for Cluster-Based WSN

Faouzi Hidoussi, Homero Toral-Cruz, Djallel Eddine Boubiche, Rafael Martínez-Peláez, Pablo Velarde-Alvarado, Romeli Barbosa, Freddy Chan

28-09-2016 | Issue 4/2017

Network Coding Based Converge-Cast Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks

Li Xu, Jing Zhang, Yang Xiang, Xinyi Huang

29-09-2016 | Issue 4/2017

MMSMAC: A Multi-mode Medium Access Control Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks with Latency and Energy-Awareness

Mohamed Guerroumi, Al-Sakib Khan Pathan, Abdelouahid Derhab, Nadjib Badache, Samira Moussaoui

07-10-2016 | Issue 4/2017 Open Access

Weighted Hyperbolic DV-Hop Positioning Node Localization Algorithm in WSNs

J. Mass-Sanchez, E. Ruiz-Ibarra, J. Cortez-González, A. Espinoza-Ruiz, Luis A. Castro

01-10-2016 | Issue 4/2017

A Low Duty Cycle MAC Protocol for Directional Wireless Sensor Networks

Fernaz Narin Nur, Selina Sharmin, Md. Abdur Razzaque, Md. Shariful Islam, Mohammad Mehedi Hassan

05-10-2016 | Issue 4/2017

MRL-SCSO: Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning-Based Self-Configuration and Self-Optimization Protocol for Unattended Wireless Sensor Networks

A. Pravin Renold, S. Chandrakala

25-10-2016 | Erratum | Issue 4/2017

Erratum to: MRL-SCSO: Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning-Based Self-Configuration and Self-Optimization Protocol for Unattended Wireless Sensor Networks

A. Pravin Renold, S. Chandrakala

27-09-2016 | Issue 4/2017 Open Access

Self-Organizing Mobility Control in Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks Based on Virtual Electrostatic Interactions

Bartłomiej Płaczek, Marcin Bernas

23-09-2016 | Issue 4/2017

A Contract-Based Model for Multiuser Cooperative Relay in Wireless Communication Networks

Nan Zhao

01-10-2016 | Issue 4/2017

Underwater Ad Hoc Wireless Communication for Video Delivery

Sandra Sendra, Jaime Lloret, Jose M. Jimenez, Kayhan Zrar Ghafoor

30-09-2016 | Issue 4/2017

Hybrid MANET–DTN and a New Algorithm for Relay Nodes Selection

Jan Papaj, Lubomir Dobos, Anton Cizmar

01-11-2016 | Issue 4/2017

A Trust-Distortion Resistant Trust Management Scheme on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Zahra Hosseini, Zeinab Movahedi

05-10-2016 | Issue 4/2017

An Augmented Routing Algorithm for Trusted Detection of Link Failures in MANETs

M. S. Rahul, E. Arun, P. Mohamed Shameem, J. Rajeesh

07-10-2016 | Issue 4/2017

Node Re-Routing and Congestion Reduction Scheme for Wireless Vehicular Networks

Peppino Fazio, Mauro Tropea, Salvatore Marano

24-09-2016 | Issue 4/2017

Visual Hysteresis Based Dynamic Interference Shaping for Real-Time Video Services in Dense Deployed Cellular Networks

Zhaoming Lu, Shiyu Zhou, Xiangming Wen, Hua Shao, Bin Fu

13-10-2016 | Issue 4/2017

Analysis of Neighbourhood Relations for Femtocell Networks

Marek Sedlacek, Robert Bestak

28-09-2016 | Issue 4/2017

Efficient RFID Authentication Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography for the Internet of Things

Han Shen, Jian Shen, Muhammad Khurram Khan, Jong-Hyouk Lee

28-09-2016 | Issue 4/2017

A Fairness-Enhanced Micropayment Scheme

Yining Liu, Quanyu Zhao, Gao Liu, Liang Chang, Jian Shen

03-10-2016 | Issue 4/2017

A Countermeasure to SQL Injection Attack for Cloud Environment

Tsu-Yang Wu, Chien-Ming Chen, Xiuyang Sun, Shuai Liu, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin

01-10-2016 | Issue 4/2017

Secure Data Access and Sharing Scheme for Cloud Storage

Xiong Li, Saru Kumari, Jian Shen, Fan Wu, Caisen Chen, SK Hafizul Islam

05-10-2016 | Issue 4/2017

Exploring the Impact of QR Codes in Authentication Protection: A Study Based on PMT and TPB

Jing Yang, Yue Zhang, Cees J. M. Lanting

13-10-2016 | Issue 4/2017

Malicious Events Grouping via Behavior Based Darknet Traffic Flow Analysis

Shaoning Pang, Dan Komosny, Lei Zhu, Ruibin Zhang, Abdolhossein Sarrafzadeh, Tao Ban, Daisuke Inoue

08-10-2016 | Issue 4/2017

An Improved Remote User Authentication Scheme Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Shehzad Ashraf Chaudhry, Husnain Naqvi, Khalid Mahmood, Hafiz Farooq Ahmad, Muhammad Khurram Khan

04-10-2016 | Issue 4/2017

Prediction of Speech Quality Based on Resilient Backpropagation Artificial Neural Network

Lukas Orcik, Miroslav Voznak, Jan Rozhon, Filip Rezac, Jiri Slachta, Homero Toral-Cruz, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin

01-10-2016 | Issue 4/2017 Open Access

Priority-Aware Packet Pre-marking for DiffServ Architecture Based on H.264/SVC Video Stream Structure

Slawomir Przylucki, Dariusz Czerwinski

14-10-2016 | Issue 4/2017

RePC: A Localization Method Based on Regional Partition and Cooperation in Communication Networks

Dan Xu, Yao Peng, Wei Wang, Daojing He, Xia Zheng, Zhanglei Li, Anwen Wang, Weike Nie

03-10-2016 | Issue 4/2017 Open Access

The Entanglement Level and the Detection of Quantum Data Transfer Correctness in Short Qutrit Spin Chains

Marek Sawerwain, Joanna Wiśniewska

13-10-2016 | Issue 4/2017

The Optimal Sizing of HSS Database in IMS

Milan Kellovsky, Ivan Baronak, Matej Kavacky, Erik Chromy

04-10-2016 | Issue 4/2017 Open Access

Waterfall Traffic Classification: A Quick Approach to Optimizing Cascade Classifiers

Paweł Foremski, Christian Callegari, Michele Pagano

24-09-2016 | Issue 4/2017

Redesigning the Healthcare Model to Address Obesity Problem Using the Integration of Processes and Mobile Technologies: Facing a Worldwide Epidemic in an Innovative Manner

Izabella V. Lokshina, Barbara J. Durkin

08-09-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Timing Synchronization Performance of Preamble Signal with Orthogonal Frequency Multiplexed Data Signal in the Presence of Frequency Offset

Takaaki Kitano, Yuki Tanaka, Yukitoshi Sanada

18-09-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Energy-Spectral-Efficiency Tradeoff in Interference-Limited Wireless Networks

Zhihang Li, Huilin Jiang, Pei Li, Zhiwen Pan, Nan Liu, Xiaohu You

15-09-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Doppler Shift and Capacity Analysis of MIMO Antenna Arrays in a Novel 3D Geometric Channel Model

Jie Zhou, Yingli Yao, Genfu Shao, Hisakazu Kikuchi

11-09-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Utilization of Raptor Codes for OFDM-System Performance Enhancing

N. M. El-Gohary, Mohsen A. M. El-Bendary, Fathi E. Abd El-Samie, M. M. Fouad

16-09-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Effect of Power Amplifier Nonlinearity on the Physical Layer Security of MIMO Systems

Oussama Ben Haj Belkacem, Mohamed Lassaad Ammari, Ridha Bouallegue

30-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Secured Self Organizing Network Architecture in Wireless Personal Networks

Pondi Jyothirmai, Jennifer. S. Raj, S. Smys

24-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Secured Data Storage and Retrieval Algorithm Using Map Reduce Techniques and Chaining Encryption in Cloud Databases

S. Muthurajkumar, M. Vijayalakshmi, A. Kannan

26-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Insecurity of a Pairing-Free Certificateless Ring Signcryption Scheme

Han Shen, Jianhua Chen, Debiao He, Jian Shen

05-06-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Capacity-Oriented Resource Allocation for Device-to-Device Communication Underlaying Cellular Networks

Rui Tang, Jihong Zhao, Hua Qu

26-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Rate and Power Optimization Under Received-Power Constraints for Opportunistic Spectrum-Sharing Communication

Indu Bala, Manjit Singh Bhamrah, Ghanshyam Singh

01-06-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Two-Level Community-Based Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks

Maojin Xia, Qingshan Wang, Qi Wang, Cheng Cao, Lifang Wang, Hao Guo

03-06-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Two Novel Adaptive Transmission Schemes in a Decode-and-Forward Relaying Network

Mohammad Mohammadi Amiri, Behrouz Maham

27-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Cyclostationary Features Based Modulation Classification in Presence of Non Gaussian Noise Using Sparse Signal Decomposition

Udit Satija, Madhusmita Mohanty, Barathram Ramkumar

05-06-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Cyclic Delay Diversity with Phase Shift in Low Rate SC-FDMA Uplink

Yuka Enjoji, Yukitoshi Sanada

23-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Design and Development of an Efficient EBG Structures Based Band Notched UWB Circular Monopole Antenna

Naveen Jaglan, Binod Kumar Kanaujia, Samir Dev Gupta, Shweta Srivastava

03-06-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Pilot Contamination Reduction in Multi-cell TDD Systems with Very Large MIMO Arrays

Hairong Wang, Yongming Huang, Shi Jin, Yinggang Du, Luxi Yang

22-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

A Robust Energy Aware Power Control Algorithm with SINR-Flexible Requirement in Cognitive Radio Networks

Mingyue Zhou, Xiaohui Zhao

29-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Attacks on and Countermeasures for Two RFID Protocols

Xiuqing Chen, Tianjie Cao, Robin Doss, Jingxuan Zhai

25-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Design and Performance Analysis of Soft Decision-Based Network-Assisted Interference Cancellation and Suppression Scheme

Sangmi Moon, Hun Choe, Myeonghun Chu, Cheolwoo You, Huaping Liu, Jeong-Ho Kim, Jihyung Kim, Dae Jin Kim, Intae Hwang

26-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Fast Distributed Consensus Through Path Averaging on Random Walks

Valerio Freschi, Emanuele Lattanzi, Alessandro Bogliolo

24-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Chaotic Maps-Based Strong Anonymous Authentication Scheme for Roaming Services in Global Mobility Networks

Qi Xie, Bin Hu, Xiao Tan, Duncan S. Wong

25-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Quality of Service Enhancement of Mobile Adhoc Networks Using Priority Aware Mechanism in AODV Protocol

Jayson Keerthy Jayabarathan, A. Sivanantharaja, S. Robinson

26-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

FFT-Based Channel Estimation Scheme in LTE-A Downlink System

Sangmi Moon, Hun Choe, Myeonghun Chu, Cheolwoo You, Huaping Liu, Jeong-Ho Kim, Jihyung Kim, Dae Jin Kim, Intae Hwang

29-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Distributed Channel Fast Allocation in Cognitive Wireless Sensor Networks

Yong Sun, Jian-sheng Qian

25-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Proposed Scheme for Maximization of Minimal Throughput in MIMO Underlay Cognitive Radio Networks

A. M. Benaya, Ahmed A. Rosas, Mona Shokair

01-06-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Mathematical Modeling of n-Sided Polygon Metamaterial Split Ring Resonators for 5.8 GHz ISM Band Applications

Prerna Saxena, Ashwin Kothari

03-07-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Priority Aware Cognitive Radio Driven Hospital System

Ishtiak Al Mamoon, A. K. M. Muzahidul Islam, Ashir Ahmed, Sabariah Baharun, Shozo Komaki

26-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Reference Anchor Selection and Global Optimized Solution for DV-Hop Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks

Linqing Gui, Xiaorong Zhang, Quan Ding, Feng Shu, Anne Wei

29-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Arguments of Innovative Antenna Design and Centralized Macro Sites for 5G

Muhammad Usman Sheikh, Joonas Säe, Jukka Lempiäinen

25-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Impact of Feedback Errors on the Security of MIMO Wiretap Systems with Antenna Selection

Mohamed Lassaad Ammari, Paul Fortier

28-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

A Direction-of-Arrival Estimation Method via Joint Diagonalization

Xian-Feng Xu, Chen-Dong Duan, Lai-Jun Liu, Xiao-Jun Yang

24-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Performance Modeling of Link Duration in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Under Weibull Fading Channel Conditions

Siddharth Shelly, A. V. Babu

24-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

A Novel Urban Vehicular Content-Centric Networking Frame

Xiaonan Wang, Hongbin Cheng, Deguang Le

26-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

A Cognitive Channel Allocation Model in Cellular Network using Genetic Algorithm

Sunil Kumar Singh, Achal Kaushik, Deo Prakash Vidyarthi

15-06-2017 | Issue 4/2017

A Novel Reliability and Traffic Aware Gateway Selection Scheme in Wireless Mesh Networks

Arash Bozorgchenani, Mohsen Jahanshahi

01-06-2017 | Issue 4/2017 Open Access

Message Dissemination in Vehicular Networks on the Basis of Agent Technology

Samira Harrabi, Ines Ben Jaafar, Khaled Ghedira

24-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Research on Blind Identification Method of Error Correcting Code Type

Xin-hao Li, Min Zhang, Quan Yuan

30-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Energy Efficient Power Allocation Scheme for Downlink Distributed Antenna System in Composite Fading Channel

Xiangbin Yu, Ying Wang, Hao Wang, Junya Chu

26-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

A Decentralized Reconstruction Algorithm for Distributed Compressed Sensing

Wenbo Xu, Yupeng Cui, Zhilin Li, Jiaru Lin

02-06-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Relay Selection Algorithm for Cognitive Relay Network

Yong Jin, Yunshan Hou, Zhentao Hu, Xianxing Liu

27-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Independent Neighbour Set based Clustering Algorithm for Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

C. Sivaraj, P. J. A. Alphonse, T. N. Janakiraman

29-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Security Analysis and Enhancement of the Most Recent RFID Authentication Protocol for Telecare Medicine Information System

Mustapha Benssalah, Mustapha Djeddou, Karim Drouiche

29-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

A k-hop Scalable Management Scheme for Large Scale Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Abdelhak Bentaleb, Saad Harous, Abdelhak Boubetra

27-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

A Self-Verifiable Password Based Authentication Scheme for Multi-Server Architecture Using Smart Card

Jangirala Srinivas, Sourav Mukhopadhyay, Dheerendra Mishra

26-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

A Limited Energy Consumption Model for P2P Wireless Sensor Networks

Lamia Cheklat, Mourad Amad, Abdellah Boukerram

28-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Characterization of 3D Elliptical Spatial Channel Model for MIMO Mobile-to-Mobile Communication Environment

M. Yaqoob Wani, Noor M. Khan

25-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Blind Equalization Based on JADE in PDM-CO-OFDM

Pingxing Feng

24-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Energy- and Spectral-Efficiency Trade-Off in OFDMA Downlink Channels

Seongjin Kim, Heejung Yu

13-07-2017 | Issue 4/2017

DK-LEACH: An Optimized Cluster Structure Routing Method Based on LEACH in Wireless Sensor Networks

Xu-Xing Ding, Min Ling, Zai-Jian Wang, Feng-Lou Song

02-06-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Energy-Harvesting Decode-and-Forward Relaying Under Hardware Impairments

Pham Ngoc Son, Hyung Yun Kong

25-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Pairing and Scheduling for Large Array MIMO Using Regularized Channel Inversion Receivers Over Nakagami-m Fading

Hasnain Arshad, A. Habib, Ali Mustafa, Bilal Khan, Saad Zahid

30-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Improving Secrecy Outage and Throughput Performance in Two-Way Energy-Constraint Relaying Networks Under Physical Layer Security

Sang Quang Nguyen, Hyung Yun Kong

25-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Modified Gradient Descent Bit-Flipping Decoding for Low-Density Parity-Check Codes

Hua Li, Hong Ding, Linhua Zheng

27-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

From Sensing to Predictions and Database Technique: A Review of TV White Space Information Acquisition in Cognitive Radio Networks

Hilary K. Anabi, Rosdiadee Nordin, Omar B. Abdulghafoor, Aduwati Sali, Ahmed Mohamedou, Abdulmajid Almqdshi, Nor Fadzillah Abdullah

24-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Effect of Uncertainty in the Backhaul Channel Gain Reciprocity on the Performance of Pilot Assisted Power Allocation in Vehicular Small Cells

Sajjad Alizadeh, Reza Saadat

24-05-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Analyse the Academic Performance of Students Using ANN Classification with Modified Pillar K-means and IWFA

Smita Pallavi, Kanhaiya Lal, S. P. Lal

01-10-2017 | Issue 4/2017

Design of SOP Based Cross-Layered Opportunistic Routing Protocol for CR Ad-Hoc Networks

S. Lavanya, M. A. Bhagyaveni

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