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Women in Engineering and Science

Women in Engineering and Science
8 Volumes | 2017 - 2020


The Springer Women in Engineering and Science series highlights women’s accomplishments in these critical fields. The foundational volume in the series provides a broad overview of women’s multi-faceted contributions to engineering over the last century. Each subsequent volume is dedicated to illuminating women’s research and achievements in key, targeted areas of contemporary engineering and science endeavors. The goal for the series is to raise awareness of the pivotal work women are undertaking in areas of keen importance to our global community.

All books of the series Women in Engineering and Science

2020 | Book

Women in Water Quality

Investigations by Prominent Female Engineers

This volume captures the impact of women’s research on the public health and environmental engineering profession. The volume is written as a scholarly text to demonstrate that women compete successfully in the field, dating back to 1873. Each …

2020 | Book

Women in Nanotechnology

Contributions from the Atomic Level and Up

This book celebrates a few examples of the many women who have advanced the field of nanotechnology. The book opens with an overview of the field, illuminating how nanotechnology is opening the door to manipulating matter on a scale one billionth …

2020 | Book

Women in Industrial and Systems Engineering

Key Advances and Perspectives on Emerging Topics

This book presents a diversity of innovative and impactful research in the field of industrial and systems engineering (ISE) led by women investigators. After a Foreword by Margaret L. Brandeau, an eminent woman scholar in the field, the book is …

2020 | Book

Women in Aerospace Materials

Advancements and Perspectives of Emerging Technologies

This book provides insight into research and development of key aerospace materials that have enabled some of the most exciting air and space technologies in recent years. The stories are shared with you by the women who experienced them, those …

2019 | Book

Women Securing the Future with TIPPSS for IoT

Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety, Security for the Internet of Things

This book provides insight and expert advice on the challenges of Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety and Security (TIPPSS) for the growing Internet of Things (IoT) in our connected world. Contributors cover physical, legal, financial and …

2018 | Book

Women in Security

Changing the Face of Technology and Innovation

This volume examines core areas of development in security, emphasizing the pivotal contributions of women to the field’s evolution. The author first covers a broad spectrum of key topics, including how security is created, where innovation …

2017 | Book

Engineering Women: Re-visioning Women's Scientific Achievements and Impacts

Packed with fascinating biographical sketches of female engineers, this chronological history of engineering brightens previously shadowy corners of our increasingly engineered world’s recent past. In addition to a detailed description of the …

2017 | Book

Women in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Biotechnology

Key Advances and Perspectives on Emerging Topics

This volume describes the contributions made by women scientists to the field of agricultural biotechnology, the most quickly adopted agricultural practice ever adopted. It features the perspectives of women educators, researchers and key …