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Wood Science and Technology

Journal of the International Academy of Wood Science

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17-12-2018 | Original

Spruce and beech bark aqueous extracts: source of polyphenols, tannins and antioxidants correlated to in vitro antitumor potential on two different cell lines

The purpose of the present study was to determine the antioxidant capacity, the total phenol content, tannins, the cytotoxic and antiproliferative activity of some aqueous extracts obtained from spruce bark (Picea abies L.) and beech bark (Fagus …

28-11-2018 | Original

Density and density profile changes in birch and spruce caused by thermo-hydro treatment measured by X-ray computed tomography

Birch and spruce samples were scanned using X-ray computed tomography (CT) to determine changes in the density and density profile caused by thermo-hydro treatment (THT). Small-dimension wood blocks were subjected to treatment at three different …

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Wood Science and Technology publishes original scientific research results and review papers covering the entire field of wood material science, wood components and wood based products. Subjects are wood biology and wood quality, wood physics and physical technologies, wood chemistry and chemical technologies. Latest advances in areas such as cell wall and wood formation; structural and chemical composition of wood and wood composites and their property relations; physical, mechanical and chemical characterization and relevant methodological developments, and microbiological degradation of wood and wood based products are reported. Topics related to wood technology include machining, gluing, and finishing, composite technology, wood modification, wood mechanics, creep and rheology, and the conversion of wood into pulp and biorefinery products.

The Editor-in-Chief is Klaus Richter, Holzforschung München, Technische Universität München, Germany; The Co-Editor-in-Chief is Robert Evans, Silvi Scan Pty. Ltd., Australia

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