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Wood Science and Technology

Journal of the International Academy of Wood Science

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09-07-2020 | Original Open Access

Comparative archaeometric characterization of recent and historical oak (Quercus spp.) wood

The present paper studied the chemical composition of recent and historical oak wood comparing the extractive, holocellulose, α-cellulose, lignin, and ash contents. Comprehensive knowledge of the chemical components in recent and historical oak …

04-07-2020 | Original

Comparison of two forensic wood identification technologies for ten Meliaceae woods: computer vision versus mass spectrometry

A wealth of forensic wood identification technologies has been developed or improved in recent years, with many attempts to compare results between technologies. The utility of such comparisons is greatly reduced when the species tested with each …

04-07-2020 | Original

Cracking the code: real-time monitoring of wood drying and the occurrence of cracks

Predicting kiln-drying schedules for a given wood species is not yet possible, despite many research efforts. This is mainly due to insufficiently considering important spatio-temporal variables such as moisture and temperature gradients, and wood …

27-06-2020 | Original

UV–visible diffuse reflectance spectroscopy used in analysis of lignocellulosic biomass material

Because of the wide adaptability to samples in various states, UV–vis diffuse reflectance spectroscopy has attracted increasing attention. In the present work, it was firstly used to analyze lignocellulosic biomass material and develop the …

24-06-2020 | Original

An automatic recognition system of Brazilian flora species based on textural features of macroscopic images of wood

Advances in species recognition technologies can contribute to the conservation and protection of flora species, especially those threatened with extinction. The aim of this research was to compare the early fusion approaches of operators known as …

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Wood Science and Technology publishes original scientific research results and review papers covering the entire field of wood material science, wood components and wood based products. Subjects are wood biology and wood quality, wood physics and physical technologies, wood chemistry and chemical technologies. Latest advances in areas such as cell wall and wood formation; structural and chemical composition of wood and wood composites and their property relations; physical, mechanical and chemical characterization and relevant methodological developments, and microbiological degradation of wood and wood based products are reported. Topics related to wood technology include machining, gluing, and finishing, composite technology, wood modification, wood mechanics, creep and rheology, and the conversion of wood into pulp and biorefinery products.

The Editor-in-Chief is Klaus Richter, Holzforschung München, Technische Universität München, Germany; The Co-Editor-in-Chief is Robert Evans, Silvi Scan Pty. Ltd., Australia

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