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A fairness-aware multi-stakeholder recommender system

Traditional recommender systems mainly focus on the accuracy of recommendation, which lead to recommender systems reinforcing popular items and ignoring lesser-known items. There is increasing evidence that providing good recommendations of …


Towards combinational relation linking over knowledge graphs

Given a knowledge graph and a natural language phrase, relation linking aims to find relations (predicates or properties) from the underlying knowledge graph to match the phrase. It is very useful in many applications, such as natural language …


ModalNet: an aspect-level sentiment classification model by exploring multimodal data with fusion discriminant attentional network

Aspect-level sentiment classification aims to identify sentiment polarity over each aspect of a sentence. In the past, such analysis tasks mainly relied on text data. Nowadays, due to the popularization of smart devices and Internet services …


A fast local community detection algorithm in complex networks

Considering the problems of communication overhead between nodes and the challenges brought by large-scale complex network in distributed system cluster management, we propose a local community detection algorithm in complex network called FLCDA …


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World Wide Web: Internet and Web Information Systems (WWW) is an international, archival, peer-reviewed journal that covers all aspects of the Web, including issues related to architectures, applications, Internet and Web information systems, and communities. It provides in-depth coverage of the most recent developments in the Web, enabling readers to keep up-to-date with this dynamically changing technology. The journal also focuses on all database- and information-system topics that relate to the Internet and the Web, particularly on ways to model, design, develop, integrate, and manage these systems.

Appearing quarterly, the journal publishes papers describing original ideas and new results, vision papers, reviews of important techniques in related areas, innovative application papers, and progress reports on major research projects. It offers the ideal forum for researchers, professionals, and industrial practitioners to share their rapidly developing knowledge and report on new advances.

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