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You might also be interested in

28-10-2020 | Battery | News | Article

"Mass production decides on solid-state battery success"

What potential do solid-state batteries have for electric cars? Springer Professional spoke to Akira Yoshino, the inventor of the lithium-ion battery, about this.

19-10-2020 | Automotive Manufacturing | News | Article

Seat Prototype Centre Opts for Additive Manufacturing

Seat has opted for additive manufacturing for its development and production. The 3D printing lab at the Seat prototype centre can manufacture prototypes for vehicle development and custom tools.

13-10-2020 | Automotive Engineering | News | Article

New Renault Arkana SUV Coupé Coming to Germany

After releasing the Arkana in Russia, Renault is now introducing its new model to the European market. This SUV Coupé is available in three hybrid drive versions with petrol engines. 

12-10-2020 | Automotive Engineering | News | Article

VW Unveils New Golf Variant and Golf Alltrack Model

The new, eighth-generation Golf Variant is now longer, which has benefited the interior in particular. VW has also unveiled its Alltrack model. 

09-10-2020 | Fuel Cell | News | Article

Bosch Developing Fuel Cell Drive for Heavy-Duty Trucks

Bosch is shifting the focus of its fuel cell drive to commercial vehicles for the time being. The drive is due to enter series production around 2022, after which Bosch plans to develop a fuel cell drive for passenger cars. 

06-10-2020 | Fuel Cell | News | Article

Freudenberg and Quantron Plan Fuel Cell Drive for Trucks

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies and Quantron have begun developing a fuel cell drive for lorries in the 40-tonne class. The first test vehicle is expected to hit the roads in mid-2021.

05-10-2020 | Manufacturing | News | Article

Audi Opts For Robots From Kuka for its Adhesive Processes

Sustainable and efficient production is becoming ever more important in the automotive industry. As an alternative joining procedure, adhesive and sealing technology enables a wide variety of materials to be securely bonded during body manufacturing. 

29-09-2020 | Plug-in Hybrid | News | Article

Jeep Presents the Electrified Wrangler 4xe

The plug-in hybrid drive of the Jeep Wrangler 4xe combines two electric motors with a turbo petrol engine. The Jeep Wrangler 4xe will be released at the beginning of 2021.

29-09-2020 | Energy Management in Electric Vehicles | News | Article

Freudenberg Develops Thermally Conductive Elastomer for Electric Cars

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has developed a silicone-based material that can conduct heat and is also electrically insulating. One of its potential uses is in charging sockets.

22-09-2020 | Manufacturing | News | Article

3D Printing Is the Key to More Powerful Electric Motors

The TU Bergakademie Freiberg is developing an innovative 3D printing process for copper coils. This should lead to shorter development and test cycles as well as more powerful motors.

15-09-2020 | Battery | News | Article

PSA and Total Found European Battery Consortium

Automotive Cells Company, founded by PSA and Total, will develop high-performance batteries for the automotive industry. Series production is due to start in two gigafactories from 2023.

08-09-2020 | Fuel Cell | News | Article

Honda and Toyota Showcase Fuel Cell Bus as Mobile Power Storage

Car manufacturers Toyota and Honda have developed a mobile power supply system which sees the hydrogen bus Moving e used as an electricity supply.

04-09-2020 | Fuel System + Tank | News | Article

EU Project Researches Lighter Hydrogen Tanks

The Fibremod project has seen the development of a model that can simulate the ageing of carbon fibre-reinforced hydrogen tanks. It is hoped the results will help produce lighter and cheaper tanks.

02-09-2020 | Electric Vehicles | News | Article

Vitesco Technologies Supplies Dongfeng with Integrated Axle Drive

Dongfeng is using the electric drive EMR3 made by Vitesco Technologies in its new electric passenger car Yixuan. The axle drive is manufactured in Tianjin in China for the volume market.

02-09-2020 | Automotive Electronics + Software | News | Article

Bosch Establishes Division for Software and Electronics

Bosch is establishing a new division called Cross-Domain Computing Solutions. From the start of 2021, the new unit will supply electronic systems and the accompanying software to all automotive customers. 

26-08-2020 | Electric Vehicles | News | Article

Cadillac Introduces Lyriq All-Electric SUV

Cadillac has introduced the Lyriq show car, which will enter series production in 2021. This all-electric SUV is based on the modular EV platform with Ultium battery system from General Motors. 

19-08-2020 | Mobility Concepts | News | Article

The Technical University of Munich Plans to Build Hyperloop Test Route and Prototype

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) begins hyperloop research programme. The project will include the construction of a 24-metre long testing tube and an original scale prototype.

19-08-2020 | Emissions | News | Article

Daimler Advances its Series Production of Fuel Cells

Daimler Truck is developing new production facilities at its site in Stuttgart, Germany. The facilities will act as forerunners for Daimler Truck Fuel Cell GmbH's planned fuel cell production.

11-08-2020 | Manufacturing | News | Article

Airbag System Housing Produced Using 3D Printing

Joyson Safety Systems has produced an airbag housing using 3D printing. Together with CRP Technology, Joyson Safety Systems employed the selective laser sintering process to produce a prototype consisting of a composite material.

11-08-2020 | Fuel Cell | News | Article

Mahle Intensifies its Commitment to Hydrogen

Mahle has now joined the Hydrogen Council, an initiative which advocates hydrogen. The supplier is also intensifying its work in fuel cell systems and hydrogen combustion engines.

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