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Energy Systems

Optimization, Modeling, Simulation, and Economic Aspects

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10.11.2018 | Original Paper

A flexible framework for modeling customer damage functions for power outages

This paper develops a flexible method for estimating the customer cost of a power outage. We add to the current body of literature by outlining a framework which properly accounts for the effects of outage duration. We begin by separating costs …

10.11.2018 | Original Paper

Co-optimization of demand response and interruptible load reserve offers for a price-making major consumer

We study demand-side participation in an electricity market for an industrial consumer of electricity, with some flexibility to reduce demand, and capable of offering interruptible load reserve. Our consumer is a price maker, and the impact of its …

26.10.2018 | Original Paper

Online adaptive master maximum power point tracking algorithm and sensorless weather estimation

This paper presents analysis aspects for photovoltaic (PV) cells. Starting from reducing the number of needed I–V points to extract the parameters of the double diode PV model based on two different stochastic algorithms. Then, the identified …

10.10.2018 | Original Paper

Modelling extreme peak electricity demand during a heatwave period: a case study

A frequency analysis of the occurrence of extreme peak electricity demand during the non-winter period using South African data for the period 2007–2013 is discussed in this paper. It is during the non-winter period when Eskom, South Africa’s …

04.10.2018 | Original Paper Open Access

Exploring the competition between variable renewable electricity and a carbon-neutral baseload technology

In this paper we explore the competition between variable renewable energy sources (VRE) and a carbon-neutral baseload technology in the transition to a low-carbon power system. We study a stylized system subject to a gradually increasing carbon …

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The journal Energy Systems presents mathematical programming, control, and economic approaches towards energy systems related topics, and is especially relevant in light of the major worldwide challenges confronting humanity in this century. Papers published in Energy Systems deal with theoretical, computational, and applied aspects of energy systems as well as state of the art review papers.

The range of coverage includes power systems optimization, unit commitment, power generation, power trading, electricity risk management, competition in electricity markets, bidding strategies as well as market power issues. The text includes mathematical theory and algorithms for stochastic optimization methods applied to energy problems, as well as modeling issues such as process optimization, synthesis, design and operation.

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Systemische Notwendigkeit zur Weiterentwicklung von Hybridnetzen

Die Entwicklung des mitteleuropäischen Energiesystems und insbesondere die Weiterentwicklung der Energieinfrastruktur sind konfrontiert mit einer stetig steigenden Diversität an Herausforderungen, aber auch mit einer zunehmenden Komplexität in den Lösungsoptionen. Vor diesem Hintergrund steht die Weiterentwicklung von Hybridnetzen symbolisch für das ganze sich in einer Umbruchsphase befindliche Energiesystem: denn der Notwendigkeit einer Schaffung und Bildung der Hybridnetze aus systemischer und volkswirtschaftlicher Perspektive steht sozusagen eine Komplexitätsfalle gegenüber, mit der die Branche in der Vergangenheit in dieser Intensität nicht konfrontiert war. Jetzt gratis downloaden!