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05.12.2024 | Engine Technology | Kongress | Veranstaltung

4th International ATZ Digital Conference on Sustainability

Sustainability in Automotive 2024

Sustainability in Automotive 2024 © ATZlive

Automobile manufacturers, their suppliers and engineering service providers are increasingly gearing their business towards sustainability. This is because not only legislators, but also end customers and society are increasingly evaluating companies and their developments, products and services in terms of sustainability. The entire life cycle of a product, from the extraction of raw materials through production and service life to recycling, is becoming increasingly decisive. In this web conference, we will present the current developments in the industry and discuss the next steps.

The Conference „Sustainability in Automotive“ will take place in a virtual format and will be broadcasted in real-time to the participants.

We are currently preparing the program on sustainable topics in the automotive sector and will keep you informed about new presentations.

Main subject areas
● Importance of sustainability in the automotive industry
● Exemplary sustainability projects
● Development steps in construction and production

Virtually via live stream

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