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Engineering with Computers

An International Journal for Simulation-Based Engineering

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04.07.2020 | Original Article

Reliability evaluation and importance analysis of structural systems considering dependence of multiple failure modes

Many modern structural systems usually consist of multiple failure modes. One failure mode may affect other failure modes due to the same working environment and random input variables, meaning that these failure modes are not independent. The …

03.07.2020 | Original Article

Nonlinear vibration of functionally graded magneto-electro-elastic higher order plates reinforced by CNTs using FEM

In this article, finite-element formulation based on higher order shear deformation theory (HSDT) is proposed to evaluate the nonlinear frequency characteristics of carbon nanotube reinforced magneto-electro-elastic (CNTMEE) plates. The special …

02.07.2020 | Original Article

Three-step iterative methods for numerical solution of systems of nonlinear equations

In this paper, we introduce seventh- and sixth-order methods for solving the systems of nonlinear equations. The convergence analysis of the proposed methods is provided. The computational efficiency for these methods is $$ 6^{1/(3n+2n^2)} $$ 6 1 …

01.07.2020 | Original Article

Symbolic regression metamodel-based optimal design of patient-specific spinal implant (pedicle screw fixation)

Pedicle screw-rod insertion is a common surgical procedure used for treating degenerative spinal diseases. Optimized design of such implants is necessary to avoid undue strains at the bone–implant interface. In this work, ideal optimized implant …

28.06.2020 | Original Article

An efficient and accurate hybrid weak-form meshless method for transient nonlinear heterogeneous heat conduction problems

Our purpose is to establish a numerical method meeting the requirements of efficiency, stability, accuracy and easy-using. Faced with these demands, in this paper, a hybrid method combining the advantages of 2 weak-form meshless methods is …

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Engineering with Computers is an international journal for simulation-based engineering. It publishes original papers and authoritative state-of-the-art reviews on the technologies supporting simulation-based engineering, and examples of operational simulation-based engineering systems. A partial list of the technical areas covered includes: adaptive simulation techniques, engineering databases, integration with CAD geometry, mesh generation, parallel simulation methods, simulation frameworks, user interface technologies and visualization techniques. Application areas covered include any to which engineering technologies are applied and will range from applications in the automotive industry, to the design of medical devices.

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