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2018 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

Ensuring ROI in Digital Commerce Projects

A Technology Agency’s Perspective on Engineering Success in Ecommerce Projects

verfasst von : Jens Wulfken

Erschienen in: Digitalisierung im Handel

Verlag: Springer Berlin Heidelberg



The Discovery—a series of workshops designed to identify the simplest way of addressing a business challenge—is a compelling way for a retailer to prime any digital initiative for success by ensuring the business objectives are realised through an appropriate digital investment. The purpose of any Discovery is to create alignment between the product owner, wider business, and technology partner to identify the most appropriate use of technology and approach to implementation. A successful Discovery should leave the retailer with a blueprint for a project and an approach towards achieving an agreed set of goals and objectives. Typically, this should include the identification of risks, approach options, constraints, proposed implementation, complexity, and priority of options. This phase is invaluable for enabling solutions that meet—and even exceed—expectations. But it’s important to remember that the learning process doesn’t stop at the Discovery, and the principles that underpin Discovery continue to act as the foundations for successful project delivery and beyond.
Ensuring ROI in Digital Commerce Projects
verfasst von
Jens Wulfken
Springer Berlin Heidelberg

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