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Environmental Management 1/2023
Environmental Management

Ausgabe 1/2023

Climate Resilient Society for the Desired Sustainable Futures in Africa


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Guest Editorial: Towards a Climate Resilient Society for Desired Sustainable Futures in Africa
Pius Zebhe Yanda, Edmund B. Mabhuye, Brown Gwambene


Climate Change and Variability Impacts on Agricultural Production and Food Security for the Smallholder Farmers in Rungwe, Tanzania
Brown Gwambene, Emma Liwenga, Claude Mung’ong’o


Linking Coastal and Marine Resources Endowments and Climate Change Resilience of Tanzania Coastal Communities
Pius Zebhe Yanda, Edmund Bwanduruko Mabhuye, Anselm Mwajombe


Dynamics of Land Management and Implications on Pastoral Livelihoods in Northern Tanzania
Pius Zebhe Yanda, Edmund Mabhuye, Anselm Mwajombe, Namkunda Johnson, Lucas Elius Yamat


Climate-Change-Induced Weather Events and Implications for Urban Water Resource Management in the Free State Province of South Africa
Fumiso Muyambo, Johanes Belle, Yong Sebastian Nyam, Israel R. Orimoloye

30.03.2022 | Article

Pathways of REDD+ Piloting in Enhancing Sustainable Forest Management: The Case of Masito-Ugalla Ecosystem, Western Tanzania
Edmund B. Mabhuye, Pius Z. Yanda, Anselm Mwajombe


Exploring farmers’ adaptation strategies to water shortage under climate change in the Tunisian semi-arid region
Lamia Soltani, Thuraya Mellah

Open Access 26.08.2022

Adopting Clean Technologies to Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in Africa: a Systematic Literature Review
Ephraim Daka


Tracking Pathways to Recovery from Climate Shocks and Resilience Enhancement
Pius Z. Yanda, Edmund B. Mabhuye, Anselm R. Mwajombe, Sixbert J. Msambichaka


Relevance of Neglected and Underutilized Plants for Climate Change Adaptation & Conservation Implications in Semi-arid Regions of Tanzania
Catherine Aloyce Masao, John Igoli, Emma T. Liwenga


Living and Responding to Climatic Stresses: Perspectives from Smallholder Farmers in Hanang’ District, Tanzania
Maliki Ally Maliki, Noah Makula Pauline


Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for the Rondo Dwarf Galago in Coastal Forests, Tanzania
Mohamed Haji, Jared Sylivester Bakuza


Understorey Seedling Bank in Forest Areas with a Differing Period of Recovery in Mabira Central Forest Reserve, South Central Uganda
Josephine Esaete, Vincent B. Muwanika, Rogers Musiba, Christopher Mawa, John R. S. Tabuti


The Influence of Soil Organic Carbon and Climate Variability on Crop Yields in Kongwa District, Tanzania
Msafiri Y. Mkonda, Xinhua He


Perceived Effective Adaptation Strategies against Climate Change Impacts: Perspectives of Maize Growers in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania
Y. Shabani, N. M. Pauline


Tree biomass, carbon stock characteristics and ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) diversity in the Uzungwa Scarp Forest Nature Reserve, Tanzania
Anna N. Mwambala, Bruno A. Nyundo, Elikana Kalumanga


Gender Perspectives of Responses to Climate Variability and Change among Farm Households in Southeast Nigeria
Onyinyechi Ifeanyi Nnadi, James Lyimo, Emma Liwenga, Michael C. Madukwe

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