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Environmental Management 2/2023
Environmental Management

Ausgabe 2/2023


Inhaltsverzeichnis (20 Artikel)


A Comparative Analysis of Bioeconomy Development in European Union Countries
Kristiāna Dolge, Lauma Balode, Krista Laktuka, Vladimirs Kirsanovs, Aiga Barisa, Anna Kubule


Snapshots of Nature-Based Recreation Across Rural Landscapes: Insights from Geotagged Photographs in the Northeastern United States
Harrison Goldspiel, Brannon Barr, Joshua Badding, Diane Kuehn


Perceptions of Freshwater Algal Blooms, Causes and Health among New Brunswick Lakefront Property Owners
Sapriya Birk, J. David Miller, Aidan MacMullin, R. Timothy Patterson, Paul J. Villeneuve


Valuing Protected Area Tourism Ecosystem Services Using Big Data
Adam Loch, Glen Scholz, Christopher Auricht, Stuart Sexton, Patrick O’Connor, Sarah Imgraben

Open Access 19.11.2022

Evaluation of the Impact of Policymakers’ Decisions in the Management Capacity of Protected Areas: Efficiency Evidence from Five Countries
Juan Carlos Valdivieso, Paul F. J. Eagles, Joan Carles Gil

Open Access 13.01.2023

Threat Perception and Adaptive Capacity of Natural World Heritage Site Management
Martin Thomas Falk, Eva Hagsten

Open Access 21.10.2022

Constructed Wetlands Suitability for Sugarcane Profitability, Freshwater Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Adam D. Canning, James C. R. Smart, Joshua Dyke, Graeme Curwen, Syezlin Hasan, Nathan J. Waltham


Evaluating Mechanisms of Short-term Woodland Salamander Response to Forest Management
Eric L. Margenau, Petra B. Wood, Donald J. Brown, Christopher W. Ryan


Wetland Entitlement and Sustainable Livelihood of Local Users in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Hakaluki Haor Communities
Supria Ahmed, C. Emdad Haque


Incorporating Evidence into Collaborative Ecosystem Restoration: A Content Analysis of Bibliographic References and their Use in Salmon Recovery Plans
Tomas M. Koontz


Setting Targets for Wetland Restoration to Mitigate Climate Change Effects on Watershed Hydrology
Jean-Olivier Goyette, Stéphane Savary, Marianne Blanchette, Alain N. Rousseau, Stéphanie Pellerin, Monique Poulin


Climate Change and Wetlands in the Southern Great Plains: How Are Managers Dealing with an Uncertain Future?
David W. Londe, Omkar Joshi, Betsey C. York, Craig A. Davis, Scott R. Loss, Ellen P. Robertson, Torre J. Hovick

Open Access 02.12.2022

Oil Infrastructure has Greater Impact than Noise on Stress and Habitat Selection in Three Grassland Songbirds
Paulson Given Des Brisay, Laura Diane Burns, Kevin Ellison, William Gary Anderson, Marty Leonard, Nicola Koper


Informal Institutions Moderate the Relationship Between Environmental Emotion and Grassland Governance Behavior
Yu Cai, Qi Ni, Minjuan Zhao


Changing Flows: Sociotechnical Tinkering for Adaptive Water Management
Barbara Quimby, Claire M. Nichols, Margaret V. du Bray, Alida Cantor, Julia C. Bausch, Amber Wutich, Clinton Williams, Sarah Porter, Weston M. Eaton, Kathryn Brasier

Open Access 05.12.2022

New York State’s WAVE Method - Evaluation of a Method for Water Quality Monitoring by Citizen Scientists using Benthic Macroinvertebrates
Alene M. Onion, Alexander J. Smith, Brian T. Duffy

Open Access 30.11.2022

Adaptive Management of Flows in a Regulated River: Flow-ecology Relationships Revealed by a 26-year, Five-treatment Flow Experiment
Michael J. Bradford, Josh Korman, Jeff Sneep

Open Access 07.12.2022

Network Governance at the Margin of the State: Rural Drinking Water Communities in Chile
Gabriela Estefania Bawarshi Abarzúa, Johannes Glückler

Open Access 18.11.2022

Comprehensive Environmental Assessment Index of Ecological Footprint
Mohsen Khezri, Mahnaz Mamghaderi, Somayeh Razzaghi, Almas Heshmati

Open Access 02.12.2022

Mainstreaming Flora Conservation Strategies into the Mitigation Hierarchy to Strengthen Environmental Impact Assessment
Taís Nogueira Fernandes, Fernando Marino Gomes dos Santos, Flávio Dayrell Gontijo, João Alves da Silva Filho, Alexandre Franco Castilho, Luis Enrique Sánchez

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