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Environmental Management 3/2022
Environmental Management

Ausgabe 3/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (12 Artikel)


Biodiversity in Times of COVID-19 and its Relationship with the Socio-Economic and Health Context: A Look from the Digital Media
Angie C. Montenegro-Hoyos, Eduardo A. Muñoz-Carvajal, Britt N. Wallberg, Mylene E. Seguel, Sergio A. Rosales, Natalia A. Viña-Trillos, Denisse S. Torres-Avilés, Alejandro E. Villarroel, Carlos F. Gaymer, Francisco A. Squeo


Resisting-Accepting-Directing: Ecosystem Management Guided by an Ecological Resilience Assessment
Kristen L. Bouska, Nathan R. De Jager, Jeffrey N. Houser

Open Access 04.05.2022

The Role of Different Types of Actors In The Future of Sustainable Agriculture In a Dutch Peri-urban Area
Catharina J. E. Schulp, Franziska Komossa, Laura Scherer, Emma H. van der Zanden, Marta Debolini, Annette Piorr


Nutrient Removal by Floating Treatment Wetlands Under Different Spatial Arrangement Modes: a Field Study
Yanan Qiao, Chao Ma, Kui Xu


Thresholds for Reduction in Fish Growth and Consumption Due to Hypoxia: Implications for Water Quality Guidelines to Protect Aquatic Life
Jordan Rosenfeld, Rachel Lee


Indicators are Relational: Navigating Knowledge and Power in the Development and Implementation of Coastal-Marine Indicators
E. K. Muhl, D. Armitage, J. Silver, T. Swerdfager, H. Thorpe

Open Access 25.06.2022

Does Water Quality Matter for Life Quality? A Study of the Impact of Water Quality on Well-being in a Coastal Community
Ruslan Gunko, Lauri Rapeli, Timo Vuorisalo, Matias Scheinin, Patrik Karell

Open Access 30.06.2022

Climax thinking on the coast: a focus group priming experiment with coastal property owners about climate adaptation
Kate Sherren, Krysta Sutton, Ellen Chappell

Open Access 23.07.2022

Elucidating the Paradox of Regulating Environmental Sustainability (Mis)management and Motivations: The Case of Thai Fisheries
Vinh Sum Chau, Montita Bunsiri


Understanding Fishermen’s Willingness and Preferences for Eco-compensation of Lake Conservation Projects: A Case Study From Nansi Lake Nature Reserve, China
Yang Liu, Jianshu Lv, XianChun Liao, Jingpeng Yan


Influencing Factors of Stereotypes on Wastewater Treatment Plants- Case Study of 9 Wastewater Treatment Plants in Xi’an, China
Hanliang Fu, Jiachen Niu, Zhifang Wu, Pengdong Xue, Meng Sun, Hong Zhu, Baoquan Cheng


Short-Term and Long-Term Impacts of Air Pollution Control on China’s Economy
Zhengjie Chen, Feng Wang, Beibei Liu, Bing Zhang

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