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Environmental Management 5/2021
Environmental Management

Ausgabe 5/2021

Special Issue: Spatial Tools for Integrated and Inclusive Landscape Governance


Inhaltsverzeichnis (10 Artikel)


Editorial: Spatial Tools for Integrated and Inclusive Landscape Governance
Mirjam A. F. Ros-Tonen, Louise Willemen

Open Access 15.10.2021

Spatial Tools for Integrated and Inclusive Landscape Governance: Toward a New Research Agenda
Mirjam A. F. Ros-Tonen, Louise Willemen, Michael K. McCall


Ultimately, What is Forest Landscape Restoration in Practice? Embodiments in Sub-Saharan Africa and Implications for Future Design
Ida N. S. Djenontin, Leo C. Zulu, Daniel Etongo


Land-use Decisions in Complex Commons: Engaging Multiple Stakeholders through Foresight and Scenario Building in Indonesia
Bayuni Shantiko, Nining Liswanti, Robin Bourgeois, Yves Laumonier


Governing Landscapes for Ecosystem Services: A Participatory Land-Use Scenario Development in the Northwest Montane Region of Vietnam
Trong Hoan Do, Tan Phuong Vu, Delia Catacutan, Van Truong Nguyen

Open Access 10.08.2021

Toward Inclusive Landscape Governance in Contested Landscapes: Exploring the Contribution of Participatory Tools in the Upper Suriname River Basin
Lisa Best, Kimberley Fung-Loy, Nafiesa Ilahibaks, Sara O. I. Ramirez-Gomez, Erika N. Speelman

Open Access 15.10.2020

Envisioning the Future of Mosaic Landscapes: Actor Perceptions in a Mixed Cocoa/Oil-Palm Area in Ghana
Kwabena O. Asubonteng, Mirjam A. F. Ros-Tonen, Isa Baud, Karin Pfeffer

Open Access 01.07.2021

Using Participatory Spatial Tools to Unravel Community Perceptions of Land-Use Dynamics in a Mine-Expanding Landscape in Ghana
Jane J. Aggrey, Mirjam A. F. Ros-Tonen, Kwabena O. Asubonteng

Open Access 22.03.2021

Local Spatialized Knowledge of Threats to Forest Conservation in Ghana’s High Forest Zone
Dorcas Peggy Somuah, Mirjam A. F. Ros–Tonen, Isa Baud

Open Access 22.03.2021

Spatial Indicators to Monitor Land Consumption for local Governance in Southern Germany
Markus A. Meyer, Isabella Lehmann, Otmar Seibert, Andrea Früh-Müller