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Environmental Management

Ausgabe 6/2021

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Wildfire, Environmental Risk and Deliberative Planning in the Locarnese Region of Switzerland

Annette M. Bardsley, Douglas K. Bardsley, Marco Conedera, Marco Pütz, Guy M. Robinson, Delene Weber

A Process-Oriented Model of Decision-Making toward Landscape-Scale Prescribed Fire Implementation in the Southern Great Plains, USA

J. Kelly Hoffman, Gerard T. Kyle, Morgan L. Treadwell, R. Patrick Bixler, Urs P. Kreuter

Invasive Chinook Salmon in Chile: Stakeholder Perceptions and Management Conflicts around a New Common-use Resource

Beatriz Cid-Aguayo, Alejandro Ramirez, Maritza Sepúlveda, Daniel Gomez-Uchida

Open Access

An Impact Assessment of Beach Wrack and Litter on Beach Ecosystem Services to Support Coastal Management at the Baltic Sea

Esther Robbe, Jana Woelfel, Arūnas Balčiūnas, Gerald Schernewski

Open Access

Emission, Transport, and Deposition of visible Plastics in an Estuary and the Baltic Sea—a Monitoring and Modeling Approach

Gerald Schernewski, Hagen Radtke, Esther Robbe, Mirco Haseler, Rahel Hauk, Lisa Meyer, Sarah Piehl, Joana Riedel, Matthias Labrenz

Sustainable Community Forest Management in Mexico: An Integrated Model of Three Socio-ecological Frameworks

Gabriela De la Mora de la Mora, Laura Oliva Sánchez-Nupan, Balam Castro-Torres, Leopoldo Galicia

Open Access

Linking Macroinvertebrates and Physicochemical Parameters for Water Quality Assessment in the Lower Basin of the Volta River in Ghana

Michael Onwona Kwakye, Feng-Jiao Peng, Jonathan N. Hogarh, Paul J. Van den Brink

Prioritizing Beneficial Management Practices for Species at Risk in Agricultural Lands

François Blouin, John F. Wilmshurst, Jeff Harder, Robin Bloom, David W. Johns, Paul Watson


Correction to: Characterizing Trophic State in Tropical/Subtropical Reservoirs: Deviations among Indexes in the Lower Latitudes

Davi Gasparini Fernandes Cunha, Nícolas Reinaldo Finkler, Marta Condé Lamparelli, Maria do Carmo Calijuri, Walter K. Dodds, Robert E. Carlson

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