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Environmental Management 6/2022
Environmental Management

Ausgabe 6/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (14 Artikel)

Open Access 26.09.2022

Tackling the Science Usability Gap in a Warming World: Co-Producing Useable Climate Information for Natural Resource Management
Molly S. Cross, Lauren E. Oakes, Heidi E. Kretser, Raymond Bredehoft, Paul Dey, Anika Mahoney, Noelle Smith, Ian Tator, Jim Wasseen


How do inhabitants of mountain areas perceive climate change and forest dieback? A comparison between France and Germany
Elodie Brahic, Mareike Garms, Philippe Deuffic, Sandrine Lyser, Marius Mayer


Factors Influencing the Feasibility, Effectiveness, and Sustainability of Farmers’ Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change in The Indian Eastern Himalayan Foothills
Pritha Datta, Bhagirath Behera

Open Access 07.10.2022

Identifying Key Stressors Driving Biological Impairment in Freshwater Streams in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, USA
Rosemary M. Fanelli, Matthew J. Cashman, Aaron J. Porter

Open Access 08.10.2022

Using Structured Decision Making to Evaluate Wetland Restoration Opportunities in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
David M. Martin, Amy D. Jacobs, Chase McLean, Michelle R. Canick, Kathleen Boomer


Potential Distribution and Connectivity for Two Plethodontid Salamanders: Conservation Areas and Landscape Corridors for Two Endemic Species of México and Guatemala
René Bolom-Huet, Xareni P. Pacheco, Antonio Muñoz-Alonso, Armando Sunny


Spatial relationships between fishes and amphibians: implications for conservation planning in a Neotropical Hotspot
Amanda Caroline Covre, Ricardo Lourenço-de-Moraes, Felipe Siqueira Campos, Evanilde Benedito


Analysis of Susceptibility to Degradation of Water Ecosystem Services as a Tool for Land Use Planning: a Case Study in a Small Brazilian Watershed
Phelipe da Silva Anjinho, Leonardo Yuri Ragio Barbara Takaku, Carolina Cerqueira Barbosa, Natalia Andricioli Periotto, Frederico Yuri Hanai, Frederico Fábio Mauad

Open Access 12.10.2022

Experience Them, Love Them, Protect Them—Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Changed People’s Perception of Urban and Suburban Green Spaces and Their Conservation Targets?
Donna Tansil, Christian Plecak, Karolina Taczanowska, Alexandra Jiricka-Pürrer


Predicting Recycling Behavior in New York State: an integrated model
Zhuling Liu, Janet Z. Yang


Measuring Spatial Associations between Environmental Health and Beliefs about Environmental Governance
Whitney Fleming, Tyler Hallman, Jamon Van Den Hoek, Steven Mana’oakamai Johnson, Kelly Biedenweg

Open Access 26.09.2022

The wolf (canis lupus) as a symbol of an urban–rural divide? Results from a media discourse analysis on the human–wolf conflict in Germany
Jana Zscheischler, Jonathan Friedrich

Open Access 30.09.2022

Supplementing Environmental Assessments with Cumulative Effects Scenario Modeling for Grizzly Bear Connectivity in the Bow Valley, Alberta, Canada
Matt Carlson, Hilary Young, Adam Linnard, Max Ryan


Characterizing the Biological Community before and after Partial Removal of an Offshore Gas Platform in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico
Michelle A. Johnston, Marissa F. Nuttall, Emma L. Hickerson, Kelly O’Connell, Raven D. Blakeway, John A. Embesi, Jimmy MacMillan, Douglas Peter, George P. Schmahl

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