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Environmental Science and Engineering

Environmental Science and Engineering

Environmental Engineering

69 Jahrgänge | 1995 - 2022


The ultimate goal of this series is to contribute to the protection of our environment, which calls for both profound research and the ongoing development of solutions and measurements by experts in the field. Accordingly, the series promotes not only a deeper understanding of environmental processes and the evaluation of management strategies, but also design and technology aimed at improving environmental quality. Books focusing on the former are published in the subseries Environmental Science, those focusing on the latter in the subseries Environmental Engineering.

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Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering

02.12.2015 | Buchreihe

Environmental Science

Environmental Science

Alle Bücher der Reihe Environmental Science and Engineering

2022 | Buch

Clean Coal and Sustainable Energy

Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Coal Combustion

This book gathers the proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Coal Combustion, held in Qingdao, China in July 2019. It provides the latest research results on techniques for pulverized coal combustion and fluidized bed combustion …

2022 | Buch

Advanced Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation of Water

Comparative Study of Water Pollution Index during Pre-industrial, Industrial Period and Prospect of Wastewater Treatment for Water Resource Conservation

This book focuses on industrial wastes that either join the streams or other natural water bodies directly, or are emptied into the municipal sewers, and their characteristics vary widely depending on the source of production and the raw material …

2021 | Buch

Spatial Modeling in Forest Resources Management

Rural Livelihood and Sustainable Development

This book demonstrates the measurement, monitoring, mapping, and modeling of forest resources. It explores state-of-the-art techniques based on open-source software & R statistical programming and modeling specifically, with a focus on the recent …

2021 | Buch

Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Technology in Japan

Japan was ahead of the rest of the world when it introduced intermediate processing of municipal waste by such means as incineration in the 1960s. Owing to the small land area of the country and the difficulty in securing landfill sites, the …

2021 | Buch

River Sand Mining Modelling and Sustainable Practice

The Kangsabati River, India

Worldwide demand for sand and gravel is increasing daily, as the need for these materials continues to rise, for example in the construction sector, in land filling and for transportation sector based infrastructural projects. This results in …

2021 | Buch

Sustainable Development of Water and Environment

Proceedings of the ICSDWE2021

This book addresses the improvement and dissemination of knowledge on methods, policies and technologies for increasing the sustainability of development by de-coupling growth from natural resources and replacing them with knowledge-based economy …

2017 | Buch

Aeolian proceses as Dust Storms in the Deserts of Central Asia and Kazakhstan

This book highlights the aeolian processes in the desert zone of Kazakhstan and analyzes the current status of dust and sand storms in Central Asia and Kazakhstan. It also highlights the analyses, dynamics and long-term observations of storms on …

2016 | Buch

The Impact of Mining on the Landscape

A Study of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin in Poland

This book investigates the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (USCB), one of the oldest and largest mining areas not only in Poland but also in Europe. Using uniform research methods for the whole study area, it also provides a summary of the landscape …

2014 | Buch

Sand Mining

Environmental Impacts and Selected Case Studies

This book addresses most of the environmental impacts of sand mining from small rivers The problems and solutions addressed in this book are applicable to all rivers that drain through densely populated tropical coasts undergoing rapid economic gr

2014 | Buch

Municipal Solid Waste Management in Asia and the Pacific Islands

Challenges and Strategic Solutions

Solid waste management issues, technologies and challenges are dynamic. More so, in developing and transitory nations in Asia. This book, written by Asian experts in solid waste management, explores the current situation in Asian countries including

2012 | Buch

Radioactivity Transfer in Environment and Food

The book deals with various consequences of major nuclear accidents, such as in 1986 in Chernobyl and in 2011 in Fukushima. The public is extremely interested in learning more about the movements and risks posed by radiation in the environment relate

2011 | Buch

Marine Ecological Geography

Theory and Experience

In Chapter 1 the methodological principles of systemization and visualization of multidimensional ecological information for its operational dissemination among potential users are stated. Their realization results in creation of the geographic-an

2010 | Buch

Progressive Development

To Mitigate the Negative Impact of Global Warming on the Semi-arid Regions

The book is based on the results of the investigations of the authors in the semi-arid and arid regions (ASAR) of the globe. These investigations brought to the conclusion that the warming climate will cause the drying up of the water resources in

2009 | Buch

Climate Change and Crops

Climate change is directly linked to the human activities, according to the Fourth Assessment Report of IPCC (2007). In last two decades of 20th Century, accelerated anthropogenic activities pushed up the atmospheric abundance o

2009 | Buch

Landslide Disaster Mitigation in Three Gorges Reservoir, China

2008 | Buch

Modelling Environmental Dynamics

Advances in Geomatic Solutions

Modelling environmental dynamics is critical to understanding and predicting the evolution of the environment in response to the large number of influences including urbanisation, climate change and deforestation. Simulation and modelling provide

2008 | Buch

Eutrophication in the Baltic Sea

Present Situation, Nutrient Transport Processes, Remedial Strategies

For many years the reduction of eutrophication in the Baltic Sea has been a hot issue for mass-media, science, political parties and environmental action groups with manifold implications related to fisheries (will the Baltic cod survive?), sustai

2008 | Buch

Turning Hydropower Social

Where Global Sustainability ConventionsMatter

This book concerns footprints of the international environmental conventions in action. Hydropower projects have been selected as test case. The study is based on participatory research into a number of cases where implementation needs to meet new da

2008 | Buch

Tools and Criteria for Sustainable Coastal Ecosystem Management

Examples from the Baltic Sea and Other Aquatic Systems

The aim of this book is to discuss practically useful (operational) bioindicators for sustainable coastal management, criteria for coastal area sensitivity to eutrophication and an approach set a "biological value" of coastal areas. These bioindic

2008 | Buch

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

Mathematical Models and Methods

Nowadays, environmental issues including air and water pollution, climate change, overexploitation of marine ecosystems, exhaustion of fossil resources, conservation of biodiversity are receiving major attention from the public, stakeholders and scho