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Ethics and Information Technology

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06.12.2018 | Original Paper

Reframing biometric surveillance: from a means of inspection to a form of control

This paper reviews the social scientific literature on biometric surveillance, with particular attention to its potential harms. It maps the harms caused by biometric surveillance, traces their theoretical origins, and brings these harms together …

06.12.2018 | Original Paper Open Access

Autonomous weapons systems, killer robots and human dignity

One of the several reasons given in calls for the prohibition of autonomous weapons systems (AWS) is that they are against human dignity (Asaro in Int Rev Red Cross 94(886):687–709, 2012; Docherty in Shaking the foundations: the human rights …

03.12.2018 | Original Paper

Ethical challenges of edtech, big data and personalized learning: twenty-first century student sorting and tracking

With the increase in the costs of providing education and concerns about financial responsibility, heightened consideration of accountability and results, elevated awareness of the range of teacher skills and student learning styles and needs …

21.11.2018 | Original Paper

Advancing the ethical use of digital data in human research: challenges and strategies to promote ethical practice

The proliferation of digital data and internet-based research technologies is transforming the research landscape, and researchers and research ethics communities are struggling to respond to the ethical issues being raised. This paper discusses …

19.11.2018 | Original Paper

Algorithmic paranoia: the temporal governmentality of predictive policing

In light of the recent emergence of predictive techniques in law enforcement to forecast crimes before they occur, this paper examines the temporal operation of power exercised by predictive policing algorithms. I argue that predictive policing …

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Ethics and Information Technology is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to advancing the dialogue between moral philosophy and the field of information and communication technology (ICT). The journal aims to foster and promote reflection and analysis which is intended to make a constructive contribution to answering the ethical, social and political questions associated with the adoption, use, and development of ICT.

Within the scope of the journal are also conceptual analysis and discussion of ethical ICT issues which arise in the context of technology assessment, cultural studies, public policy analysis and public administration, cognitive science, social and anthropological studies in technology, mass-communication, and legal studies. In addition, the journal features research that deals with the history of ideas and provides intellectual resources for moral and political reflection on ICT.

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