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Eurasian Business Review

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03.11.2018 | Regular Article

Capital–energy substitutability in manufacturing sectors: methodological and policy implications

The debate on the capacity of the production system to adequate to a low-carbon economy is addressed by computing the capital–energy substitution elasticities $$(\sigma_{KE} )$$ ( σ KE ) for manufacturing sectors. We estimated the $$\sigma_{KE}$$ …

15.09.2018 | Regular Article

Productivity, technological innovations and broadband connectivity: firm-level evidence for ten European countries

This study investigates the link between productivity and innovations (technological as well as non-technological), taking into account the information and communication technology (ICT) intensity of firms, measured as the proportion of broadband …

06.09.2018 | Regular Article

Empirical evidence on bank market power, business models, stability and performance in the emerging economies

This paper studies the nexus between market power and business models in the banking industry. Business models are represented by non-interest income and non-deposit short-term funding share. We also examine the impact of bank business models on …

05.09.2018 | Regular Article

Firm-level recent profitability and acquisition performance: exploring competing theoretical perspectives

In light of the mixed findings upon whether good performers are good or bad acquirers, this paper explores the relationship between firm-level recent profitability and post-acquisition performance through the competing analysis of the managerial …

26.06.2018 | Regular Article

Perceived organizational climate and whistleblowing intention in academic organizations: evidence from Selçuk University (Turkey)

This paper investigates the relationship between organizational climate drivers and whistleblowing intention through a cross-sectional study in Selçuk University in Turkey. Contrary to our expectations, the findings do not fully support the …

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The Eurasian Business Review (EABR) publishes peer-reviewed evidence-based research articles in Management Science and Applied Economics.

In particular, EABR is committed to publishing empirical or theoretical articles which provide significant contributions in the fields of industrial economics, business economics, the economics and management of innovation, competition policy and antitrust, corporate governance, organizational change, finance, entrepreneurship, strategic management, accounting, marketing, human resources management, and information systems.

While the main focus of EABR is on Europe and Asia, papers in the fields listed above on any region or country are highly encouraged. Manuscripts should not exceed 20 pages (450 words per page). This page limit includes all figures, tables, appendices and references.

The Eurasian Business Review is one of the two official journals of the Eurasia Business and Economics Society (EBES) and is published thrice a year.


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Blockchain-Effekte im Banking und im Wealth Management

Es steht fest, dass Blockchain-Technologie die Welt verändern wird. Weit weniger klar ist, wie genau dies passiert. Ein englischsprachiges Whitepaper des Fintech-Unternehmens Avaloq untersucht, welche Einsatzszenarien es im Banking und in der Vermögensverwaltung geben könnte – „Blockchain: Plausibility within Banking and Wealth Management“. Einige dieser plausiblen Einsatzszenarien haben sogar das Potenzial für eine massive Disruption. Ein bereits existierendes Beispiel liefert der Initial Coin Offering-Markt: ICO statt IPO.
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