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EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics

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07.03.2018 | Research Paper

Sterilization network design

With the increasing costs of health care, service providers are looking for innovative ways to cut cost without sacrificing high service quality. Resource pooling is a promising trend in different health care areas, and sterilization is no …

06.03.2018 | Research Paper

The price of discretizing time: a study in service network design

Researchers and practitioners have long recognized that many transportation problems can be naturally and conveniently modeled using time-expanded networks. In such models, nodes represent locations at distinct points in time and arcs represent …

20.02.2018 | Research Paper

Risk-based optimal scheduling of maintenance activities in a railway network

In a railway system, maintenance activities need to be continuously performed to ensure safety and continued rail operations. In this framework, while on one hand unplanned corrective maintenance activities performed when a fault is occurred are …

29.01.2018 | Research Paper

Manual order consolidation with put walls: the batched order bin sequencing problem

Batching and zoning are popular picking strategies to speed up picker-to-parts order fulfillment systems. On the negative side, these strategies require a subsequent order consolidation to separate the customer orders. In a widespread setup …

18.01.2018 | Research Paper

Integrating long-haul and local transportation planning: the Service Network Design and Routing Problem

We introduce a new optimization problem, the Service Network Design and Routing Problem that integrates long-haul and local transportation planning decisions. Such a problem is particularly important for consolidation carriers that face customer …

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The EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics offers a forum for the presentation of original mathematical models, methodologies and computational results, focusing on advanced applications in transportation and logistics. The Journal publishes research articles presenting original methodological contributions to the field, including new mathematical models, new algorithms and new simulation techniques, as well as tutorials providing an introduction to an advanced topic, which are designed to ease the use of the relevant methodology by researchers and practitioners.

The EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics promotes the use of mathematics in general, and operations research in particular, in the context of transportation and logistics. It is an official publication of EURO: the Association of European Operational Research Societies.

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