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01.06.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 2/2015

Educational Research for Policy and Practice 2/2015

Evaluating the Portuguese National Reading Plan: teachers’ perceptions on the impact in schools

António Firmino da Costa, Elsa Pegado, Patrícia Ávila, Ana Rita Coelho


This article focuses on teachers’ perceptions of the implementation and impact in Portuguese schools of a wide-ranging and long-term reading promotion programme. The Portuguese National Reading Plan (PNRP) was a public policy initiative whose purpose was to increase literacy levels and reading habits among the population. The Plan identified schools as its priority and launched a series of nationwide projects to target schools. The evaluation of this programme, based on mixed methods, focused on teachers’ perceptions as the central issue because teachers were key actors in the PNRP and their involvement was crucial to the achievement of the programme’s goals. Teachers considered that the PNRP had a relevant impact on school activities and students’ attitudes but were more cautious concerning students’ reading skills. The results that are presented in this article can contribute to a wider discussion regarding the involvement of teachers in national educational policies in which they are key agents.

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