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2013 | Buch

Exhibit Marketing and Trade Show Intelligence

Successful Boothmanship and Booth Design

verfasst von: Klaus Solberg Søilen

Verlag: Springer Berlin Heidelberg

Buchreihe : Management for Professionals


Über dieses Buch

"Exhibition organizers and venue managers must have a thorough knowledge of their customers and they must be very close to the industries they serve. We must react rapidly to their changing needs and even be ahead of the curve in providing the tools and services which they’ll need to successfully meet their business objectives. This book, Exhibit Marketing and Trade Show Intelligence, will assist all those in the exhibition industry to stay on top of trends and changes as we work to improve our customer’s ROI and at the same time strengthen our own bottom line."

Paul Woodward

Managing Director

UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry

"The Exhibit and Event industry has been rapidly expanding over the past several years and offers many global opportunities for a fascinating and rewarding career. Exhibit Marketing & Trade Show Intelligence provides those interested in a career in Exhibit and Event Management a solid foundation on how to become a valuable asset to any organization."

Jim Wurm, Executive Director

Exhibit & Event Marketers Association (E2MA)

"Dr. Klaus Solberg Søilen's book is a vital handbook for all marketers who work with exhibitions as a marketing tool. The book provides clear and extremely useful recommendations for actions before, under and after the exhibition has taken place".

Svend Hollensen, author of "Global Marketing"(Pearson) and Associate Professor of International Marketing at the University of Southern Denmark.


1. Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
Trade fairs are more than just a matter of paying for space and showing up at the fair site, participation is a long-drawn-out and often repetitive process. It is a specialism and for some people it is a profession; and, like any other profession, it requires study and planning.
Klaus Solberg Søilen
2. Booth Staff Behaviour
People-at-the-booth skills is an area of exhibition management which has been seriously neglected both in theory and in practice. Research by Susan Friedman (2004: 23) shows that half of all companies say they provide training only immediately prior to an exhibition. At the same time, there are significant differences among companies’ lists of dos and don’ts (Pitta et al. 2006: 162). Research also suggests (Tanner 1994) that booth staff training is inefficient. Another finding suggests that current training leaves a great deal to be desired, which comes to much the same. In other words, this is an area with great potential for improvement.
Klaus Solberg Søilen
3. Booth Design and Marketing Materials
A booth at a trade show is like a pop-up store, a temporary shopfront to attract special attention over a short time period. We can divide the booth market into standard or budget booths, and custom booths. Most of what we shall discuss in this chapter relates to the latter.
Klaus Solberg Søilen
4. Pre-show Planning
Once the trade show starts, there are few opportunities to change anything. It is like a roller-coaster ride. Once you are strapped in, all you can really do is enjoy the ride (or not). Whatever you might have liked to do differently before you started, it is too late now.
Klaus Solberg Søilen
5. Post-show Follow-up
Post-show marketing covers the activities we perform once we are back from the trade show. These consist mainly of two kinds of activity, follow-up and assessment. The aim of these activities is increased sales through relationship improvements, as shown in the model offered by Lee and Kim (2008: 786) (Fig. 5.1):
Klaus Solberg Søilen
6. Trade Show Intelligence
Trade shows are primarily a knowledge sharing activity. In the 1980s and 1990s, when systematic research on trade shows began, the focus was mostly on sales and costs. The implications of the information age for the trade show profession first became a topic within the past 10 years (see e.g. Reychav 2009, Solberg Søilen 2010).
Klaus Solberg Søilen
Exhibit Marketing and Trade Show Intelligence
verfasst von
Klaus Solberg Søilen
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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