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27.08.2019 | Ausgabe 5-6/2019 Open Access

Applied Composite Materials 5-6/2019

Experimental Investigation of Fastener Pull-out Response in Composite Joints under Static and Dynamic Loading Rates

Applied Composite Materials > Ausgabe 5-6/2019
Nikolaos Perogamvros, George Lampeas, Adrian Murphy
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A novel device is adopted in order to experimentally investigate the effect of various loading rates on the pull-out response of a fastened composite joint configuration. The joint coupons comprise a composite plate made of the carbon/epoxy AS4/8552 material system and a centrally located titanium lockbolt. Tensile-type (pull) loading was applied to the specimens in a velocity range from quasi-static to 2.1 m/s. Both quasi-static and dynamic tests were conducted using the same specimen geometry and boundary conditions, which conform to international and industrial standards. The experimental work expands the limited literature and understanding of the mechanical response of composite pull-out joints under the action of dynamic loading. The main experimental observations revealed an increase of 15% regarding maximum load values when loading rate shifts from the static to the impact regime, while the failure patterns derived from static and dynamic tests were similar, although the latter presented a more intense damage zone.
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