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01.09.2018 | Ausgabe 3/2018 Open Access

Railway Engineering Science 3/2018

Experimental study of the gap between track slab and cement asphalt mortar layer in CRTS I slab track

Railway Engineering Science > Ausgabe 3/2018
Tao Wang, Hengqiong Jia, Zike Liu, Zhao Wei, Xiao Xie, Shaoliang Wu, Haiyan Li


Gap exists in the interface of cement asphalt emulsion mortar and CRTS I track slab universally, which is more severe at four corners than other parts of the track slab. In this work, the temperature and elevation of CRTS I slab track with and without rail were measured continuously to study the influence mechanism of rail on the gap. The results show that the alternating temperature gradient of track slab is the main reason that causes the gap, and laying rail can efficiently decrease the gap size in the slab track without rail. Compared with the slab track without rail, the maximum elevation occurred at the corner, the maximum gap width and the maximum gap depth of the slab track with rail laid were decreased by 0.45 mm (25.7%), 0.75 mm (46.6%) and 9.5 mm (59.4%), respectively; meanwhile, the disqualification ratio at corners was reduced to 5.9%, which is 50% less than that of the track without rail. When elevation mismatch occurs in adjacent track slabs, a gasket should be placed at rail-bearing bed below the track slab in order to avoid the lower slab being dragged up by the higher slab and the further occurrence of new gap.
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