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Experiments in Fluids

Ausgabe 1/2023

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Research Article

The final stage of droplet evaporation on black silicon by schlieren technique with a graded filter

Yulia A. Peschenyuk, Andrey A. Semenov, Gagik Y. Ayvazyan, Elizaveta Ya. Gatapova

Open Access Review Article

Experimental load modification on a dual-slot circulation control airfoil

Salvatore Asaro, Léon Lüer, André Bauknecht

Research Article

Hydraulic characterization of sandpaper roughness

Karen A. Flack, Michael P. Schultz

Open Access Research Article

Geometric descriptors for the prediction of snowflake drag

Kilian Köbschall, Jan Breitenbach, Ilia V. Roisman, Cameron Tropea, Jeanette Hussong

Research Article

Wake-triggered secondary vortices over a cylinder/airfoil configuration

Jiang-Sheng Wang, Jun Wu, Jin-Jun Wang

Research Article

Thermal response of a nanoscale hot-wire in subsonic and supersonic flows

Florian Brunier-Coulin, Diogo C. Barros, Alexander Piqué, Marcus Hultmark, Pierre Dupont

Research Article

Backflow phenomenon in converging and diverging channels

Dinar Zaripov, Renfu Li, Alexey Lukyanov, Artem Skrypnik, Elizaveta Ivashchenko, Rustam Mullyadzhanov, Dmitriy Markovich

Open Access Research Article

Assessment and application of optical flow in background-oriented schlieren for compressible flows

Bora O. Cakir, Sergio Lavagnoli, Bayindir H. Saracoglu, Christer Fureby

Research Article

Unsteadiness in hypersonic leading-edge separation

S. K. Karthick, Soumya R. Nanda, Jacob Cohen

Research Article

Estimating density, velocity, and pressure fields in supersonic flows using physics-informed BOS

Joseph P. Molnar, Lakshmi Venkatakrishnan, Bryan E. Schmidt, Timothy A. Sipkens, Samuel J. Grauer

Open Access Research Article

Characterization of shock-induced panel flutter with simultaneous use of DIC and PIV

A. D’Aguanno, P. Quesada Allerhand, F. F. J. Schrijer, B. W. van Oudheusden

Open Access Review Article

Experimental characterization of an unsteady laminar separation bubble on a pitching wing

Adrian Grille Guerra, Christoph Mertens, Jesse Little, Bas van Oudheusden

Research Article

Optical spinning rheometry test on viscosity curves of less viscous fluids at low shear rate range

Daisuke Noto, Kohei Ohie, Taiki Yoshida, Yuji Tasaka

Research Article

Instantaneous characteristics of interacting opposing plane jets in a generic enclosure measured with PIV

J-H. Thysen, T. van Hooff, B. Blocken, G. J. F. van Heijst

Open Access Research Article

Drag reduction using longitudinal vortices on a flat-back Ahmed body

T. Darabasz, G. Bonnavion, O. Cadot, Y. Goraguer, J. Borée

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