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Experiments in Fluids

Ausgabe 10/2022

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Research Article

Penetration of a kerosene liquid jet injected in a high temperature Mach 2 supersonic crossflow

N. Fdida, N. Mallart-Martinez, T. Le Pichon, A. Vincent-Randonnier


Editorial: topical collection on hypersonic flight

S. J. Laurence, J. M. Austin, H. Babinsky

Research Article

Sparse reconstruction of surface pressure coefficient based on compressed sensing

Xuan Zhao, Zichen Deng, Weiwei Zhang

Research Article

Control of flow separation using biomimetic shark scales with fixed tilt angles

Zengzhi Du, Hongyuan Li, Yufan Cao, Xia Wan, Yaolei Xiang, Pengyu Lv, Huiling Duan

Research Article

Experimental study on the large-scale turbulence structure dynamics of a counterflowing wall jet

Yulu Liu, Yuze Wang, Jiahua Li, Yizhou Tao, Xiang Qiu

Open Access Research Article

LSPIV analysis of ship-induced wave wash

Gábor Fleit, Sándor Baranya

Research Article

Direct measurement of vorticity using tracer particles with internal markers

Jiaqi Li, Lei Feng, Chinmayee Panigrahi, Jiarong Hong

Open Access Research Article

In-flight measurement of free-stream turbulence in the convective boundary layer

Michael Greiner, Werner Würz

Research Article

Effect of relative jet momentum in supersonic dual impinging jets

Vikas N. Bhargav, Yogesh Mehta, Rajan Kumar, Farrukh S. Alvi

Open Access Research Article

Free surface effects and the utility of a skim plate for experiments in a water towing tank at steady and unsteady model velocity

Marvin Jentzsch, Jona Maria Dahms, René Woszidlo, Christian Navid Nayeri, Christian Oliver Paschereit

Research Article

Experimental and numerical investigation on the accuracy of phosphor particle streak velocimetry

Luming Fan, Patrizio Vena, Bruno Savard, Benoît Fond

Open Access Research Article

Automatic separation of laminar-turbulent flows on aircraft wings and stabilisers via adaptive attention butterfly network

Rıdvan Salih Kuzu, Philipp Mühlmann, Xiao Xiang Zhu

Open Access Research Article

Planar Interferometric Tracking of droplets in evaporating conditions

Hywel Davies, Midhat Talibi, Andrea Ducci, Nishant Parsania, Ramanarayanan Balachandran

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