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Experiments in Fluids

Ausgabe 11/2022

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Research Article

Error propagation dynamics of PIV-based pressure field calculation (3): what is the minimum resolvable pressure in a reconstructed field?

Mingyuan Nie, Jared P. Whitehead, Geordie Richards, Barton L. Smith, Zhao Pan

Research Article

Velocity measurements of vortex structures induced by sphere/wall interaction

D. L. Young, J.-S. Li, H. Capart, C.-R. Chu

Research Article

Simultaneous measurement of pressure and temperature on the same surface by sensitive paints using the sensor selection method

Neetu Tiwari, Kazuki Uchida, Ryoma Inoba, Yuji Saito, Keisuke Asai, Taku Nonomura

Research Article

Two-photon fluorescence lifetime imaging applied to the mixing of two non-isothermal sprays: temperature and mixing fraction measurements

Minghao Wang, Mehdi Stiti, Hadrien Chaynes, Simon Becker, Edouard Berrocal, Fabrice Lemoine, Guillaume Castanet

Research Article

Ray tracing-based PIV of turbulent flows in roughened circular channels

Muhsin Can Akkurt, Marco Virgilio, Tony Arts, Kevin Van Geem, Delphine Laboureur

Research Article

Experimental investigation of substrate roughness effects on high-acceleration film splitting

Arthur Rostami, Boris Stoeber, Sheldon Green

Open Access Research Article

A method to quantify the supersonic discharge of airbag cold gas inflators

Eduard Schnorr, Peter Scholz, Rolf Radespiel

Research Article

Laboratory model of electrovortex flow with thermal gradients for liquid metal batteries

J. S. Cheng, I. Mohammad, B. Wang, J. M. Forer, D. H. Kelley

Open Access Research Article

Post-stall flow control with upstream flags

Z. Zhang, Z. Wang, I. Gursul

Open Access Research Article

Time-series image denoising of pressure-sensitive paint data by projected multivariate singular spectrum analysis

Yuya Ohmichi, Kohmi Takahashi, Kazuyuki Nakakita

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