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Experiments in Fluids

Ausgabe 12/2022

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Open Access Research Article

Influence of geometrical parameters on the hysteresis of flutter onset in confined configurations

Girish K. Jankee, Bharathram Ganapathisubramani

Open Access Research Article

Enhanced laboratory x-ray particle tracking velocimetry with newly developed tungsten-coated O(50 μm) tracers

Jason T. Parker, Jessica DeBerardinis, Simo A. Mäkiharju

Research Article

Experimental evolution of explosively driven gas clouds in varying confinement

Christian Peterson, Veronica Espinoza, Michael Hargather

Research Article

Impingement of a water droplet onto a shear-driven water film

Zhe Yang, Botong Zhou, Zheyan Jin, Zhigang Yang, Xian Yi, Yanxia Du

Open Access Research Article

Flow study on a transparent two-phase blood model fluid based on alginate microspheres

Vera Froese, Grischa Gabel, Julia Parnell, Albert Prause, Michael Lommel, Ulrich Kertzscher

Research Article

Experimental investigation on the degradation of turbulent friction drag reduction over semi-circular riblets

Wenfeng Li, Shenghong Peng, Hengdong Xi, Wolfgang Schröder

Open Access Research Article

Nozzle geometry effects on supersonic wind tunnel studies of shock–boundary-layer interactions

Kshitij Sabnis, Daniel S. Galbraith, Holger Babinsky, John A. Benek

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