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Experiments in Fluids

Ausgabe 2/2023

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Open Access Research Article

Particle detection and size recognition based on defocused particle images: a comparison of a deterministic algorithm and a deep neural network

Sebastian Sachs, Manuel Ratz, Patrick Mäder, Jörg König, Christian Cierpka

Open Access Research Article

Uncertainty and validation of unsteady pressure-sensitive paint measurements of acoustic fields under aero engine-like conditions

Jan Goessling, Felix Fischer, Joerg R. Seume, Michael Hilfer

Research Article

Investigation of particle laden gravity currents using the light attenuation technique

J. Schneider, Y. Dossmann, O. Farges, M. Regnier, S. Kiesgen de Richter

Open Access Research Article

Shear layers in two-stage compound channels investigated with LS-PIV

Victor Dupuis, Laura Schraen, Olivier Eiff

Open Access Research Article

Characterizing porous disk wakes in different turbulent inflow conditions with higher-order statistics

Magnus K. Vinnes, Ingrid Neunaber, Hauk-Morten H. Lykke, R. Jason Hearst

Research Article

Quantifying Brownian motion in the presence of simple shear flow with particle diffusometry

Dong Hoon Lee, Katherine N. Clayton, Tamara L. Kinzer-Ursem, Jacqueline C. Linnes, Steven T. Wereley

Open Access Research Article

Impact-driven cavitation bubble dynamics

Hengzhu Bao, Fabian Reuter, Hongchao Zhang, Jian Lu, Claus-Dieter Ohl

Research Article

MRV challenge 2: phase locked turbulent measurements in a roughness array

Michael J. Benson, Andrew J. Banko, Christopher J. Elkins, Don-Gwan An, Simon Song, Martin Bruschewski, Sven Grundmann, Tuhin Bandopadhyay, Laura Villafane Roca, Brad Sutton, Kyuho Han, Wontae Hwang, John K. Eaton

Open Access Research Article

Comparison of water and cryogenic fluid hammer experiments for rocket engine feed line systems

Sebastian Klein, Tobias Traudt, Michael Oschwald

Open Access Research Article

In situ measurements of void fractions and bubble size distributions in bubble curtains

Simon Beelen, Martijn van Rijsbergen, Miloš Birvalski, Fedde Bloemhof, Dominik Krug

Open Access Research Article

New method to separate turbulence statistics of fan rotor wakes from background flow

Luciano Caldas, Robert Meyer

Open Access Research

LEGO calibration targets for large-FOV particle image velocimetry

Agastya Parikh, Thomas Fuchs, Matthew Bross, Christian J. Kähler

Open Access Research Article

Non-intrusive, imaging-based method for shock wave characterization in bubbly gas–liquid fluids

Wouter A. Cornel, Jerry Westerweel, Christian Poelma

Research Article

Leveraging optical activity in visualizing particle-laden flows

Vladislav Rinsky, Subhani Shaik, René van Hout

Open Access Research Article

Effect of environmental disturbances on crossflow instability

Marco Placidi, Richard Ashworth, Chris J. Atkin, Stephen Rolston

Research Article

Structural aspects of the attached turbulent boundary layer flow over a hill

Julie E. Duetsch-Patel, Aldo Gargiulo, Aurélien Borgoltz, William J. Devenport, K. Todd Lowe

Open Access Research Article

Data-driven determination of low-frequency dipole noise mechanisms in stalled airfoils

Douglas W. Carter, Bharathram Ganapathisubramani

Open Access Research Article

Delay of laminar–turbulent transition by counter-rotating cylindrical roughness elements in a laminar flat plate boundary layer

Tristan M. Römer, Kai A. Schulz, Yongxiang Wu, Christoph Wenzel, Ulrich Rist

Open Access Research Article

Droplet size from Venturi air induction spray nozzles

R. Sijs, S. Kooij, D. Bonn

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