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Experiments in Fluids

Ausgabe 3/2023

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Open Access Research Article

Experimental investigation of particle–droplet–substrate interaction

Nils Janssen, Jana R. Fetzer, Jannis Grewing, Sebastian Burgmann, Uwe Janoske

Research Article

Deep learning-based spatial refinement method for robust high-resolution PIV analysis

Jun Sung Choi, Eung Soo Kim, Jee Hyun Seong

Research Article

In-nozzle multi-phase flow patterns in flash boiling atomization and their impacts on external sprays

Shangning Wang, Shuyi Qiu, Yijia Zhang, Mingli Cui, Xuesong Li, Min Xu

Open Access Research Article

Assessment and application of wavelet-based optical flow velocimetry (wOFV) to wall-bounded turbulent flows

Alexander Nicolas, Florian Zentgraf, Mark Linne, Andreas Dreizler, Brian Peterson

Research Article

Interaction of a droplet spray with a turbulent plane air jet impacting a wall

Syphax Ikardouchene, Stéphane Delaby, Xavier Nicolas

Open Access Research Article

Three-dimensional encoding of a gas–liquid interface by means of color-coded glare points

Maximilian Dreisbach, Sebastian Blessing, André Brunn, Frank Michaux, Alexander Stroh, Jochen Kriegseis

Research Article

Flow features of underexpanded microjets emerging from a round convergent nozzle

Tenta Tashiro, Ryota Fukunaga, Daisuke Utsunomiya, Shinichiro Nakao, Yoshiaki Miyazato, Yojiro Ishino

Research Article

A continuously scanning spatiotemporal averaging method for obtaining volumetric mean flow measurements with stereoscopic PIV

Fernando Zigunov, Serdar Seckin, Rhylan Huss, Cameron Eggart, Farrukh Alvi

Research Article

Transient dynamics of laminar separation bubble formation and bursting

Connor Toppings, Serhiy Yarusevych

Research Article

Boundary layer forcing on a rotating wing at low Reynolds numbers

Tomek Jaroslawski, Maxime Forte, Jean-Marc Moschetta, Erwin R. Gowree

Open Access Review Article

Aerodynamic optimization of a generic light truck under unsteady conditions using gradient-enriched machine learning control

Richard Semaan, Philipp Oswald, Guy Y. Cornejo Maceda, Bernd R. Noack

Open Access Research Article

Effect of 3D-bioprinted droplet impact dynamics on a pre-printed soft hydrogel matrix

Xinxing Chen, Aidan P. O’Mahony, Tracie J. Barber

Open Access Research Article

Characterization of transonic shock oscillations over the span of an OAT15A profile

Alessandro Accorinti, Tim Korthäuer, Sven Scharnowski, Christian J. Kähler

Open Access Research Article

Wave field measurements of regular wave–monopile interaction using Free-Surface Synthetic Schlieren

G. Oldenziel, A. Moreno-Rodenas, N. Bruinsma, W. Bakker

Open Access Research Article

On the role of transverse motion in pseudo-steady gravity currents

C. R. Marshall, R. M. Dorrell, G. M. Keevil, J. Peakall, S. M. Tobias

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