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Experiments in Fluids

Ausgabe 4/2023

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Research Article

Steady rotation of a Mach shock: experimental and numerical evidences

V. Rodriguez, J. Melguizo-Gavilanes, V. Monnier, P. Vidal, R. Zitoun

Research Article

Depth from defocus technique applied to unsteady shock-drop secondary atomization

Shubham Sharma, Saini Jatin Rao, Navin Kumar Chandra, Aloke Kumar, Saptarshi Basu, Cameron Tropea

Research Article

A sparse optical flow inspired method for 3D velocimetry

George Lu, Adam Steinberg, Masayuki Yano

Open Access Research Article

Practical aspects of designing background-oriented schlieren (BOS) experiments for vortex measurements

Clemens Schwarz, Johannes N. Braukmann

Open Access Research Article

Vortex ring state of a shrouded rotor: an experimental survey

David J. Pickles, Daniele Zagaglia, Angela Busse, Richard B. Green

Research Article

Surface reconstruction in three-dimensional space using structured illumination

Eirini I. Florou, Charles Fort, Matthieu A. André, Masayuki Habukawa, Philippe M. Bardet

Research Article

Characterization of a high-pressure flame facility using high-speed chemiluminescence and OH LIF imaging

Will Swain, Yejun Wang, Pradeep Parajuli, Matthew Hay, Ahmad Saylam, Thomas Dreier, Christof Schulz, Waruna Kulatilaka

Open Access Research Article

A lightweight convolutional neural network to reconstruct deformation in BOS recordings

Claudio Mucignat, Lento Manickathan, Jiggar Shah, Thomas Rösgen, Ivan Lunati

Open Access Research Article

Time-resolved determination of velocity fields on the example of a simple water channel flow, using a real-time capable FPGA-based camera platform

Tino Steinmetz, Martin Schaeper, André Kleinwächter, Jonas Otto, Andreas Richter, Ralf Poosch, Nils Damaschke


Reconstructing temperature fields for thermally-driven flows under quasi-steady state

Daisuke Noto, Hugo N. Ulloa, Juvenal A. Letelier

Open Access Research Article

Investigation of fluidic thrust vectoring for scramjets

Chris Hambidge, William Ivison, David Steuer, Andrew Neely, Matthew McGilvray

Open Access Research Article

Measurements on the effect of steps on the transition of laminar boundary layers

Alexander Heintz, Peter Scholz

Research Article

Imaging-based 3D particle tracking system for field characterization of particle dynamics in atmospheric flows

Nathaniel Bristow, Jiaqi Li, Peter Hartford, Michele Guala, Jiarong Hong

Research Article

Attenuation of hypersonic second-mode boundary-layer instability with an ultrasonically absorptive silicon-carbide foam

Carson L. Running, Benjamin L. Bemis, J. Luke Hill, Matthew P. Borg, Joel J. Redmond, Karl Jantze, Carlo Scalo

Open Access Research Article

Interferometric laser imaging for respiratory droplets sizing

Livia Grandoni, Loïc Méès, Nathalie Grosjean, Giovanni Leuzzi, Paolo Monti, Armando Pelliccioni, Pietro Salizzoni

Open Access Review Article

µPIV measurements of the phase-averaged velocity distribution within wavy films

Andreas Metzmacher, Sebastian Burgmann, Uwe Janoske

Open Access Research Article

Investigation of turbulent superstructures in Rayleigh–Bénard convection by Lagrangian particle tracking of fluorescent microspheres

Stephan Weiss, Daniel Schanz, Ahmed Oguzhan Erdogdu, Andreas Schröder, Johannes Bosbach

Open Access Research Article

Superposition of AC-DBD plasma actuator outputs for three-dimensional disturbance production in shear flows

John W. Kurelek, Marios Kotsonis, Serhiy Yarusevych

Research Article

3D Lagrangian tracking of polydispersed bubbles at high image densities

Shiyong Tan, Shijie Zhong, Rui Ni

Open Access Research Article

Neutrally- and stably-stratified boundary layers adjustments to a step change in surface roughness

Shan-Shan Ding, Marco Placidi, Matteo Carpentieri, Alan Robins


A simple boundary-layer transition detection method using mean static pressure measurements

Jenna Eppink, Judith Hannon, Andrew Leidy, Michael Kegerise

Open Access Research Article

Study of the development of a boundary layer using the remote microphone probe technique

Laura Botero-Bolívar, Fernanda L. dos Santos, Cornelis H. Venner, Leandro D. de Santana

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