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2020 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

6. Expert Opinions on Website Development

verfasst von : Tereza Semerádová, Petr Weinlich

Erschienen in: Website Quality and Shopping Behavior

Verlag: Springer International Publishing



Many traditional information system development methodologies are based on outdated concepts from the 1970s. These methodologies are commonly used to develop websites, and it is therefore not surprising that they are not that effective since have never been created for this purpose. Although these methods have many drawbacks in terms of use in web design, some of their basic principles are still applicable. These methods include, for example, the waterfall model, the SSADM method, RAD, or prototyping. There are many articles on how to reduce the size of an image, how to use color or animation effectively. No doubt, all these attributes are important components of web design. Unfortunately, the proposed methodologies do not address the overall web development process as a comprehensive output of partial graphic, programming, and copywriting activities. Due to the lack of specialized literature devoted to the process and management part of web design, a questionnaire survey was organized, supplemented by structured interviews with web design experts. This survey was conducted through the LinkedIn professional network and was attended by a total of 238 respondents, while 18 of them participated also in a structured online interview.
Expert Opinions on Website Development
verfasst von
Tereza Semerádová
Petr Weinlich