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28.02.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 3/2018

TechTrends 3/2018

Facilitating Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking Skills in Physical Therapy Education through Technology-Enhanced Instruction: A Case Study

TechTrends > Ausgabe 3/2018
E. Shannon Hughes, Jacque Bradford, Carol Likens


Technology integration into instruction is a popular concept with the growing digital native population of learners and the novelty of technology tools. Although current students in physical therapy education (PTE) programs are primarily digital natives, PTE models are typically comprised of a traditional face-to-face classroom designed for content instruction. An educational session for PT educators was developed to promote the use of technology for improving student learning outcomes via collaboration, communication and critical thinking (three Cs). Results from this presentation at a national conference were obtained for use in a pretest, posttest case study. The 90-min session consisted of participants actively engaging in, utilizing and applying two tech tools, Kahoot! and Google Suite. Posttest data provides evidence to support that PT educators perceive that with adequate technology support, they can effectively incorporate tech tools into instruction to promote higher order thinking in their students, and to increase student communication and collaboration within the students’ learning opportunities. This case study demonstrates strategies for fostering the development, adoption and implementation of technological innovations designed to promote the three Cs in PT students.

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