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This book addresses the integration of the Internet and finance which recently has been one of the most notable topics of discussion in the media, the business community, academia, and among policymakers, both in China and worldwide. As a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of the one of the fastest growing industries in China, the book covers all the most important areas and issues in the crowdfunding industry in China, including the definition, types, and history of crowdfunding, the scale of the crowdfunding market, the basic business models and risk analysis of crowdfunding, the characteristics of the typical crowdfunding platforms, case studies of the leading crowdfunding platforms in China, and the future development of the crowdfunding industry in China. The book combines theoretical analysis with conceptual discussions and best practices in the crowdfunding industry in China. It is of interest to a variety of readers around the globe, such as (1) existing and potential fund demanders; (2) existing and potential fund providers; (3) investors and professionals running crowdfunding platforms; (4) professionals and major shareholders of traditional financial institutions; (5) staff in regulatory government agencies; (6) academics; and (7) the general public.



Chapter 1. An Overview of Crowdfunding in China

Crowdfunding can be generally defined as a practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, or the use of small amounts of capital from a large number of individuals to finance a new business venture through social media and crowdfunding websites with the potential to increase entrepreneurship by expanding the pool of investors beyond the traditional circle of owners, relatives and venture capitalists.
Yexia Zhang, Zhi Chen, Haimei Wang

Chapter 2. Statistic Analysis of China’s Crowdfunding Industry

By the end of September 2016, there were 415 crowdfunding platforms with normal operations in China, which was 100 platforms more comparing with the number at the end of 2015. According to the first three quarters’ data in 2016, the total number of the platforms grew steadily, and it is expected that, by the end of 2016, the number of crowdfunding platforms in China with normal operations could exceed 450.
Zhi Chen, Haimei Wang, Xingqiang Yuan

Chapter 3. The Basic Model Analysis of Crowdfunding in China

As defined earlier, reward crowdfunding is a type of fundraising using physical products, services, and rights and benefits as a return to investors, and is also the most popular type of crowdfunding in China at present. There are 207 reward crowdfunding platforms so far in China, which involve in the industries of smart hardware, agriculture, used cars, and film and television, with various forms of return to investors.
Zhi Chen, Haimei Wang

Chapter 4. Market Analysis of Sub-fields of Crowdfunding Industry

In recent years, with the improvement of living standard of consumers in China and the increased construction of movie theatre, film has become an integral component of the cultural life of general public. As a result, China’s film market has been under a rapid development with box-office sales record being constantly renewed.
Zhi Chen, Haimei Wang

Chapter 5. Some Analysis on Several Leading Crowdfunding Platforms in China

In 2016, several developmental trends appeared in the reward crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding industries in China. On the one hand, the direction of the possible regulations became gradually clear, and the crowdfunding projects became more diverse and penetrated in more subdivided fields.
Zhi Chen

Chapter 6. The Policies and Regulations of Crowdfunding Industry

Since 2015, the financial regulators in China have recognized the importance of inclusive finance provided by internet finance, and encouraged an orderly and healthy development of the industry. With the occurrence of several incidents, such as eZubao and Kuailuxi, however, the regulators also began to take actions to rectify the internet finance industry and crack down the illegal fundraising activities.
Zhi Chen, Haimei Wang, Lixiu Gao

Chapter 7. Financing Status of China’s Crowdfunding Platforms

From January 2016 to September 2016, 12 crowdfunding platforms obtained venture capital investment in China, including Dreammove, Zhongchouke, Xingfami, Xingchou, WeiCi Finance, Huimeng Zone, Yingdaren, Fun in Funding, Jingbei Crowdfunding, Kaistart Crowdfunding, Duocaitou and Yimi Haodi. Among them, Kaistart Crowdfunding completed two rounds of financing in 2016.
Zhi Chen, Haimei Wang

Chapter 8. The Future Development of Crowdfunding Industry in China

Crowdfunding industry was still in its rapid growth stage in 2016, in terms of either the number of operating platforms or the number of participating investors. Several sub-industries, such as used cars, agricultural products, and catering were observed fast growth during the year, while some other sub-industries, such as real estate, were seen to decline due to the restrictions of governmental policies.
Yexia Zhang, Zhi Chen


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