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Fire Technology 1/2021
Fire Technology

Ausgabe 1/2021


Inhaltsverzeichnis (20 Artikel)


Review of Current Practice in Probabilistic Structural Fire Engineering: Permanent and Live Load Modelling
Balša Jovanović, Ruben Van Coile, Danny Hopkin, Negar Elhami Khorasani, David Lange, Thomas Gernay


Analysing Flammability Characteristics of Green Biocomposites: An Overview
M. Rashid, K. Chetehouna, A. Cablé, N. Gascoin

Open Access 27.04.2020

Reconstruction of the Grenfell Tower Fire—Thermomechanical Analysis of Window Failure During the Grenfell Tower Disaster
Maxime Koohkan, Virginie Dréan, Bertrand Girardin, Eric Guillaume, Talal Fateh, Xavier Duponchel


Application of a Digitized Fuel Load Surveying Methodology to Office Buildings
Negar Elhami-Khorasani, Juan Gustavo Salado Castillo, Esther Saula, Timothy Josephs, Gauhar Nurlybekova, Thomas Gernay

Open Access 11.05.2020

An Assessment of the Relationship Between Daylight Saving Time, Disruptions in Sleep Patterns and Dwelling Fires
Yiannis Kountouris


Effects of Ambient Parameters and Sample Width on Upward Flame Spread over Thermally Thin Solids
Luyao Zhao, Jun Fang, Shangqing Tao, Jingwu Wang, Yongming Zhang


The Ceiling Height Limits for Water Mist Protection of Two Solid Combustible Fire Hazards in Open Environment
Hong-Zeng Yu


Active Barrier Combining Fire-Resistant Fiberglass Fabric and Water Sprinkler System for Protection Against Forest Fires
C. Viegas, R. Batista, A. Albino, M. Coelho, J. Andrade, D. Alves, D. X. Viegas


A Digitized Fuel Load Surveying Methodology Using Machine Vision
Negar Elhami-Khorasani, Juan Gustavo Salado Castillo, Thomas Gernay

Open Access 21.05.2020

The Variability of Critical Mass Loss Rate at Auto-Extinction
Snorri Már Arnórsson, Rory M. Hadden, Angus Law

Open Access 25.05.2020

Societal Protection and Population Vulnerability: Key Factors in Explaining Community-Level Variation in Fatal Fires Involving Older Adults in Sweden
Finn Nilson, Carl Bonander

Open Access 27.05.2020

A Critical Appraisal of the UK’s Regulatory Regime for Combustible Façades
Judith Schulz, Darren Kent, Tony Crimi, Jim L. D. Glockling, T. Richard Hull

Open Access 30.05.2020

Structural Capacity of One-Way Spanning Large-Scale Cross-Laminated Timber Slabs in Standard and Natural Fires
Felix Wiesner, Alastair Bartlett, Siyimane Mohaine, Fabienne Robert, Robert McNamee, Jean-Christophe Mindeguia, Luke Bisby


Motion Stability of Fire Ladder Truck Under Braking Process Working Conditions
Jianping Sun, Wei Li, Beibei Li, Xiumei Liu, Zhijian Tian, Lei Xu


A New Method to Calculate Incident Radiant Heat Flux by Using Plate Thermometer
Qingtong Liu, Haejun Park, Ruiqing Shen, Lahiru Jayathunga-Mudiyanselage


Quantifying Uncertainties in the Temperature–Time Evolution of Railway Tunnel Fires
Nan Hua, Anthony Tessari, Negar Elhami-Khorasani

Open Access 16.06.2020

Thermal Response of Timber Slabs Exposed to Travelling Fires and Traditional Design Fires
Franz Richter, Panagiotis Kotsovinos, Egle Rackauskaite, Guillermo Rein


On the Local Buckling of Steel “I” Profiles in a Fire Situation
Gian Carlo Calobrezi, Valdir Pignatta Silva


Experimental Investigation on Temperature Profiles at Ceiling and Door of Subway Carriage Fire
Min Peng, Xudong Cheng, Wei Cong, Richard Yuen


Experimental Study on Burning Characteristics of the Large-Scale Transformer Oil Pool Fire with Different Extinguishing Methods
Chuanping Wu, Tiannian Zhou, Baohui Chen, Yu Liu, Ping Liang