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Fire Technology 2/2021
Fire Technology

Ausgabe 2/2021


Inhaltsverzeichnis (20 Artikel)

15.04.2020 | Letter to the Editor

Using Artificial Intelligence for Safe and Effective Wildfire Evacuations
Xilei Zhao, Ruggiero Lovreglio, Erica Kuligowski, Daniel Nilsson

01.10.2020 | Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Design Fires for Open-Plan Buildings with Exposed Mass-Timber Ceiling
Egle Rackauskaite, Panagiotis Kotsovinos, David Barber

03.02.2021 | Letter to the Editor

Questions and Comments about the Methodology and Conclusions in ‘Comparative Room Burn Study of Furnished Rooms from the United Kingdom, France and the United States’, by Blais et al. 2019
Vytenis Babrauskas, Kathryn M. Rodgers, Donald Lucas, Rebecca Fuoco

03.02.2021 | Authors Reply to Letter to the Editor

Authors Reply to Letter to the Editor, Comparative Room Burn Study of Furnished Rooms from the United Kingdom, France and the United State
Matthew S. Blais

Open Access 14.09.2020

A review on the role of functional limitations on evacuation performance using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health
Olivera Bukvic, Gunilla Carlsson, Giedre Gefenaite, Björn Slaug, Steven M. Schmidt, Enrico Ronchi

22.09.2020 | Review Paper

The Historical Narrative of the Standard Temperature–Time Heating Curve for Structures
John Gales, Bronwyn Chorlton, Chloe Jeanneret


A Survey of Machine Learning Algorithms Based Forest Fires Prediction and Detection Systems
Faroudja Abid


Machine Vision Based Fire Detection Techniques: A Survey
S. Geetha, C. S. Abhishek, C. S. Akshayanat

Open Access 05.12.2020

Review: The Use of Bench-Scale Tests to Determine Toxic Organic Compounds in Fire Effluents and to Subsequently Estimate Their Impact on the Environment
Kelly Peeters, Matija Ursič, Črtomir Tavzes, Friderik Knez


Smart Detection of Fire Source in Tunnel Based on the Numerical Database and Artificial Intelligence
Xiqiang Wu, Younggi Park, Ao Li, Xinyan Huang, Fu Xiao, Asif Usmani

Open Access 16.07.2020

Investigating Coupled Effect of Radiative Heat Flux and Firebrand Showers on Ignition of Fuel Beds
Sayaka Suzuki, Samuel L. Manzello


Fire Resistance of Exterior Wall Assemblies for Housing and Small Buildings
Mohamed A. Sultan

Open Access 22.07.2020

FLAME: A Parametric Fire Risk Assessment Method Supporting Performance Based Approaches
Enrico Danzi, Luca Fiorentini, Luca Marmo

Open Access 22.07.2020

Physiological Capacity During Simulated Stair Climbing Evacuation at Maximum Speed Until Exhaustion
Amitava Halder, Kalev Kuklane, Michael Miller, Axel Nordin, Jeannette Unge, Chuansi Gao

Open Access 26.07.2020

Impact of Repeated Exposure and Cleaning on Protective Properties of Structural Firefighting Turnout Gear
Gavin P. Horn, Steve Kerber, Jessica Andrews, Richard M. Kesler, Hannah Newman, Jacob W. Stewart, Kenneth W. Fent, Denise L. Smith


From Social Science Research to Engineering Practice: Development of a Short Message Creation Tool for Wildfire Emergencies
Jessica L. Doermann, Erica D. Kuligowski, James Milke


On the Simulation of Real Fire for Post Fire Resistance Evaluation of Steel Structures
Tom Molkens, Barbara Rossi

Open Access 30.07.2020

The Effect of Separation Distance Between Informal Dwellings on Fire Spread Rates Based on Experimental Data and Analytical Equations
Antonio Cicione, Richard Walls, Zara Sander, Natalia Flores, Vignesh Narayanan, Sam Stevens, David Rush


Fire Resistance Design of Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Stub Columns
Mohamed Ghannam, Tian Yi Song

Open Access 07.08.2020

Zonal-Based Emission Source Term Model for Predicting Particulate Emission Factors in Wildfire Simulations
Alexander J. Josephson, Daniel Castaño, Eunmo Koo, Rodman R. Linn