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Fire Technology 3/2021
Fire Technology

Ausgabe 3/2021


Inhaltsverzeichnis (26 Artikel)

06.01.2021 | Book Review

Book Review: Fire Performance of Thin-Walled Steel Structures by Yong Wang, Mahen Mahendran, and Ashkan Shahbazian
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC, Boca Raton, FL, USA, 2020. 110 pp. ISBN 9781138540859 (hardback), ISBN 9781351011815 (ebook)
Thomas Gernay

30.10.2020 | Brief Communication

Wall and Corner Effects on Fire Plumes as a Function of Offset Distance
Kevin McGrattan, David Stroup

Open Access 05.01.2021

Determination of Critical Separation Distance Between Dwellings in Informal Settlements Fire
Yu Wang, Lesley Gibson, Mohamed Beshir, David Rush


Investigating Evacuation Behaviour in Retirement Facilities: Case Studies from New Zealand
A. Rahouti, R. Lovreglio, D. Nilsson, E. Kuligowski, P. Jackson, F. Rothas

Open Access 09.08.2020

Individual Driving Behaviour in Wildfire Smoke
Niklas Wetterberg, Enrico Ronchi, Jonathan Wahlqvist


Effect of Fuel Bed Width on Upslope Fire Spread: An Experimental Study
Han Li, Naian Liu, Xiaodong Xie, Linhe Zhang, Xieshang Yuan, Qianqian He, Domingos X. Viegas


A DIY Thermocouple Datalogger is Suitably Comparable to a Commercial System for Wildland Fire Research
Devan Allen McGranahan, Brittany N. Poling

Open Access 27.08.2020

Ignition and Burning of Fibreboard Exposed to Transient Irradiation
Izabella Vermesi, Franz Richter, Marcos Chaos, Guillermo Rein


Tunnel Ventilation Analysis Using a Probabilistic Approach: Case Study, Fire in Road Tunnels with Longitudinal Ventilation
Sonia Fernandez Martin, Ignacio del Rey Llorente, Alberto Fraile de Lerma


Study on Thermal Response of Adhesively Bonded Honeycomb Sandwich Structure in High Temperature
Rongnan Yuan, Yi Zhang, Yiren Qin, Shouxiang Lu


Quantitative Analysis of the Influence of Air Entrainment Restriction Degree on Burning Characteristics of Two Parallel Rectangular Pool Fires in Still Air
Huaxian Wan, Longxing Yu, Jie Ji


Guidance for Treatment of High-Temperature Creep in Fire Resistance Analysis of Concrete Structures
V. Kodur, S. M. Alogla, S. Venkatachari


Experimental Analysis of Limited Distance Effects on Self Induced Blow Off and Heat Transfer in Upward Flame Spread Over Thin Fabric Fuels
Yunji Gao, Yuchun Zhang, Chunjie Mou, Xiaolong Yang, Liang Gong


Fire Detection Using Multi Color Space and Background Modeling
Adnan Khalil, Sami Ur Rahman, Fakhre Alam, Iftikhar Ahmad, Irshad Khalil

Open Access 26.09.2020

Effect of Environmental Conditions on the Dehydration and Performance of Fire-Protective Gels
Jacob Kadel, Faraz Hedayati, Stephen L. Quarles, Aixi Zhou

Open Access 01.10.2020

Unannounced Evacuation Experiment in a High-Rise Hotel Building with Evacuation Elevators: A Study of Evacuation Behaviour Using Eye-Tracking
Axel Mossberg, Daniel Nilsson, Kristin Andrée

Open Access 20.10.2020

Multiphysics Modelling of Stone Wool Fire Resistance
Deepak Paudel, Aleksi Rinta-Paavola, Hannu-Petteri Mattila, Simo Hostikka


Behavior of Slender RC Columns Bent in Single and Double Curvature at Elevated Temperatures
Khaled Ahmed Mahmoud


Acoustical Extinction of Flame on Moving Firebrand for the Fire Protection in Wildland–Urban Interface
Caiyi Xiong, Yanhui Liu, Cangsu Xu, Xinyan Huang


Upward Flame Spread Over an Array of Discrete Thermally-Thin PMMA Plates
Fu-Hai Gou, Hua-Hua Xiao, Lin Jiang, Mi Li, Man-Man Zhang, Jin-Hua Sun

Open Access 23.12.2020

Development of a Field Deployable Firebrand Flux and Condition Measurement System
Simone Zen, Jan C. Thomas, Eric V. Mueller, Bhisham Dhurandher, Michael Gallagher, Nicholas Skowronski, Rory M. Hadden


Effect of Rock Wool Waste on Compressive Behavior of Pumice Lightweight Aggregate Concrete After Elevated Temperature Exposure
Amirreza Bahrami, Mahdi Nematzadeh


Improving the State-of-the-Art in Flow Measurements for Large-Scale Oxygen Consumption Calorimetry
Rodney A. Bryant, Matthew F. Bundy


Interaction of Heat Release Rate, Flame Tilt Angle and Flame Length of a Compartment Fire Under Stack Effect
Man Li, Zihe Gao, Jie Ji, Huaxian Wan


Estimating Smoke Alarm Effectiveness in Homes
Stanley W. Gilbert

Open Access 08.08.2020 | Correction

Correction to: Reconstruction of the Grenfell Tower Fire—Thermomechanical Analysis of Window Failure During the Grenfell Tower Disaster
Maxime Koohkan, Virginie Dréan, Bertrand Girardin, Eric Guillaume, Talal Fateh, Xavier Duponchel