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Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics 5/2019

Ausgabe 5/2019

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 16 Artikel )

01.09.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

On the Possibility of Relaminarization in the Rayleigh—Taylor Mixing Zone under the Action of Accelerated Shear Flow

E. E. Meshkov, R. V. Mokretsov, I. R. Smagin

01.09.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Unsteady Flow through a Porous Stratum with Hydraulic Fracture

I. L. Khabibullin, A. A. Khisamov

01.09.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Influence of the Transverse Temperature Drop on the Stability of Two-Layer Fluid Flows with Evaporation

I. A. Shefer

01.09.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

On Two Mechanisms of Sound Generation in Turbulent Jets

S. Yu. Krasheninnikov, P. A. Semenev

01.09.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Experimental Studies on Decay and Spread Characteristics of an Overexpanded Triangular Supersonic Jet

A. Sureshkumar, B. T. N. Sridhar

01.09.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Wave Formation ahead of a Planing Plate

E. V. Filatov, A. Yu. Yakimov

01.09.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Temperature Factor Effect on the Disturbance Propagation in Hypersonic Flow past a Yawed Flat Plate

G. N. Dudin, V. Ya. Neiland

01.09.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Quadrupole Electromagnetic Radiation of a Charged Drop Oscillating in the Superposition of Collinear Gravitational and Electrostatic Fields

A. I. Grigor’ev, N. Yu. Kolbneva, S. O. Shiryaeva

01.09.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Effective Asymptotic Model of Two-Phase Flow through Fractured-Porous Media

A. A. Afanasyev

01.09.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Water—Ice Phase Transition in Unsaturated Soil in the Presence of Capillary Pressure

G. G. Tsypkin

01.09.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Dynamic Thin-Airfoil Stall and Leading-Edge Stall of Oscillating Wings at Low Reynolds Number

Chengwei Fan, Yadong Wu, Yuelong Yu, Anjenq Wang

01.09.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Three-dimensional Тurbulent Supersonic Flow over a Plate

R. Ya. Tugazakov

01.09.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Investigation of the Flow Singularity at the Triple Point of Stationary Irregular Mach Reflection of a Shock Wave in a Plane Channel

E. I. Vasil′ev

01.09.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Flow Characteristics of a Supersonic Open Cavity

J. M. Wang, X. J. Ming, H. Wang, Y. Ma, J. Q. Wu

01.09.2019 | Erratum | Ausgabe 5/2019

Erratum to: Ideal Gas Outflow from a Cylindrical or Spherical Source into a Vacuum

Kh. F. Valiev, A. N. Kraiko

01.09.2019 | Erratum | Ausgabe 5/2019

Erratum to: Experimental Investigation on a Single NACA Airfoil’s Nonlinear Aeroelasticity in Wake Induced Vibrations

Hairun Xie, Yadong Wu, Hua Ouyang, Anjenq Wang

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