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21.07.2017 | Research Article Open Access

Film forming behavior in thin film lubrication at high speeds

The film forming condition may transit into thin film lubrication (TFL) at high speeds when it is under severe starvation. Central film thicknesses and film thickness profiles are obtained via a technique of relative optical interference …

03.07.2017 | Research Article Open Access

Combined effect of the use of carbon fiber and seawater and the molecular structure on the tribological behavior of polymer materials

The combined effect of the use of carbon fiber and seawater and the molecular structure on the tribological behavior of various polymer materials under natural seawater lubrication was investigated. After the investigation, the wear morphology of …

16.06.2017 | Research Article Open Access

Effect of stick-slip on magneto-rheological elastomer with a magnetic field

This study investigated the stick-slip characteristics of a magneto-rheological elastomer (MRE) against an aluminum plate. Herein, the MRE was manufactured, and a stick-slip tester was employed to evaluate the stick-slip performance of the MRE …

16.06.2017 | Research Article Open Access

Aqueous lubrication and surface microstructures of engineering polymer materials (PEEK and PI) when sliding against Si3N4

Polyether-ether-ketone (PEEK) and polyimide (PI) are two kinds of engineering polymer materials widely used as roller bearing cages and rings under extreme environment because of their noise reduction and corrosion resistance properties. The Si3N4 …

16.06.2017 | Research Article Open Access

Preparation of Ag2O modified silica abrasives and their chemical mechanical polishing performances on sapphire

The chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) process has become a widely accepted global planarization technology. The abrasive material is one of the key elements in CMP. In the presented paper, an Ag-doped colloidal SiO2 abrasive is synthesized by a …

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Friction is a peer-reviewed international journal for the publication of theoretical and experimental research works related to the friction, lubrication and wear. Original, high quality research papers and review articles on all aspects of tribology are welcome, including, but are not limited to, a variety of topics, such as:

• Friction: Origin of friction, Friction theories, New phenomena of friction, Nano-friction, Ultra-low friction, Molecular friction, Ultra-high friction, Friction at high speed, Friction at high temperature or low temperature, Friction at solid/liquid interfaces, Bio-friction, Adhesion, etc.
• Lubrication: Superlubricity, Green lubricants, Nano-lubrication, Boundary lubrication, Thin film lubrication, Elastohydrodynamic lubrication, Mixed lubrication, New lubricants, New additives, Gas lubrication, Solid lubrication, etc.
• Wear: Wear materials, Wear mechanism, Wear models, Wear in severe conditions, Wear measurement, Wear monitoring, etc.
• Surface Engineering: Surface texturing, Molecular films, Surface coatings, Surface modification, Bionic surfaces, etc.
• Basic Sciences: Tribology system, Principles of tribology, Thermodynamics of tribo-systems, Micro-fluidics, Thermal stability of tribo-systems, etc.

Friction is an open access journal. It is published quarterly by Tsinghua University Press and Springer, and sponsored by the State Key Laboratory of Tribology (Tsinghua University) and the Chinese Tribology Institute.

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