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Frontiers in Energy 3/2017
Frontiers in Energy

Ausgabe 3/2017

Special issue—Clean energy technology: materials, processes and devices for electrochemical energy conversion and storage


Inhaltsverzeichnis (16 Artikel)

01.09.2017 | Editorial

Clean energy technology: materials, processes and devices for electrochemical energy conversion and storage
Hong Yang, Junliang Zhang, Baolian Yi

19.08.2017 | Research Article

Design of efficient Pt-based electrocatalysts through characterization by X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Nebojsa S. Marinkovic, Kotaro Sasaki, Radoslav R. Adzic

23.08.2017 | Research Article

A facile synthesis of high activity cube-like Pt/carbon composites for fuel cell application
Reza B. Moghaddam, Samaneh Shahgaldi, Xianguo Li

19.08.2017 | Research Article

Pt-Ni nanourchins as electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
Qiaowan Chang, Yuan Xu, Shangqian Zhu, Fei Xiao, Minhua Shao

25.08.2017 | Research Article

Enhanced electrocatalytic performance of ultrathin PtNi alloy nanowires for oxygen reduction reaction
Hongjie Zhang, Yachao Zeng, Longsheng Cao, Limeng Yang, Dahui Fang, Baolian Yi, Zhigang Shao

10.05.2017 | Review Article

A review of Pt-based electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
Changlin Zhang, Xiaochen Shen, Yanbo Pan, Zhenmeng Peng

16.06.2017 | Review Article

Current challenge and perspective of PGM-free cathode catalysts for PEM fuel cells
Gang Wu

02.09.2017 | Research Article

Highly active and durable Pd-Cu catalysts for oxygen reduction in alkaline exchange membrane fuel cells
Xiong Peng, Travis J. Omasta, Justin M. Roller, William E. Mustain

19.08.2017 | Research Article

Nitrogen-doped carbon black supported Pd nanoparticles as an effective catalyst for formic acid electro-oxidation reaction
Na Sun, Minglei Wang, Jinfa Chang, Junjie Ge, Wei Xing, Guangjie Shao

27.07.2017 | Research Article

Failure mode investigation of fuel cell for vehicle application
Zhongjun Hou, Renfang Wang, Keyong Wang, Weiyu Shi, Danming Xing, Hongchun Jiang

19.08.2017 | Research Article

Accelerated life-time test of MEA durability under vehicle operating conditions in PEM fuel cell
Tian Tian, Jianjun Tang, Wei Guo, Mu Pan

23.08.2017 | Review Article

Review of characterization and modeling of polymer electrolyte fuel cell catalyst layer: The blessing and curse of ionomer
Jun Huang, Zhe Li, Jianbo Zhang

30.08.2017 | Research Article

Chemical composition and formation mechanisms in the cathode-electrolyte interface layer of lithium manganese oxide batteries from reactive force field (ReaxFF) based molecular dynamics
Sahithya Reddivari, Christian Lastoskie, Ruofei Wu, Junliang Zhang

19.08.2017 | Research Article

Li4SiO4-coated LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 as the high performance cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Shifeng Yang, Wenfeng Ren, Jian Chen

20.07.2017 | Research Article

High purity Mn5O8 nanoparticles with a high overpotential to gas evolution reactions for high voltage aqueous sodium-ion electrochemical storage
Xiaoqiang Shan, Fenghua Guo, Wenqian Xu, Xiaowei Teng

30.08.2017 | Research Article

β-Nickel hydroxide cathode material for nano-suspension redox flow batteries
Yue Li, Cheng He, Elena V. Timofeeva, Yujia Ding, Javier Parrondo, Carlo Segre, Vijay Ramani