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Frontiers in Energy

Ausgabe 4/2017

Special column—Efficient use of waste heat and solar energy: Technologies of cooling, heating, power generation and heat transfer

Inhalt (15 Artikel)

Review Article

Solar fuel from photo-thermal catalytic reactions with spectrum-selectivity: a review

Sanli Tang, Jie Sun, Hui Hong, Qibin Liu

Research Article

Preliminary experimental study of a supercritical CO2 power cycle test loop with a high-speed turbo-generator using R134a under similarity conditions

Junhyun Cho, Hyungki Shin, Jongjae Cho, Young-Seok Kang, Ho-Sang Ra, Chulwoo Roh, Beomjoon Lee, Gilbong Lee, Byunghui Kim, Young-Jin Baik

Research Article

Experiment study of a quartz tube falling particle receiver

Tianjian Wang, Fengwu Bai, Shunzhou Chu, Xiliang Zhang, Zhifeng Wang

Research Article

Analysis of radiation heat transfer and temperature distributions of solar thermochemical reactor for syngas production

Bachirou Guene Lougou, Yong Shuai, Xiang Chen, Yuan Yuan, Heping Tan, Huang Xing

Research Article

Analysis of a 1 kW organic Rankine cycle using a scroll expander for engine coolant and exhaust heat recovery

Yiji Lu, Anthony Paul Roskilly, Long Jiang, Longfei Chen, Xiaoli Yu

Review Article

Surface tension of liquid metal: role, mechanism and application

Xi Zhao, Shuo Xu, Jing Liu

Research Article

Combustion analysis of a hydrogen-diesel fuel operated DI diesel engine with exhaust gas recirculation

M. Loganathan, A. Velmurugan, Tom Page, E. James Gunasekaran, P. Tamilarasan