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15.11.2017 | Review Article

Absorption heat pump for waste heat reuse: current states and future development

Absorption heat pump attracts increasing attention due to its advantages in low grade thermal energy utilization. It can be applied for waste heat reuse to save energy consumption, reduce environment pollution, and bring considerable economic …

15.11.2017 | Research Article

Exergy analysis and performance enhancement of isopropanol-acetone-hydrogen chemical heat pump

Exergy loss analysis was conducted to identify the irreversibility in each component of the isopropanol-acetone-hydrogen chemical heat pump (IAH-CHP). The results indicate that the highest irreversibility on a system basis occurs in the …

14.11.2017 | Research Article

Smart model for accurate estimation of solar radiation

Prediction of solar radiation has drawn increasing attention in the recent years. This is because of the lack of solar radiation measurement stations. In the present work, 14 solar radiation models have been used to assess monthly global solar …

14.11.2017 | Research Article

Analysis of radiation heat transfer and temperature distributions of solar thermochemical reactor for syngas production

This paper investigated radiation heat transfer and temperature distributions of solar thermochemical reactor for syngas production using the finite volume discrete ordinate method (fvDOM) and P1 approximation for radiation heat transfer.

14.11.2017 | Research Article

Exergy analysis of R1234ze(Z) as high temperature heat pump working fluid with multi-stage compression

In this paper, the simulation approach and exergy analysis of multi-stage compression high temperature heat pump (HTHP) systems with R1234ze(Z) working fluid are conducted. Both the single-stage and multi-stage compression cycles are analyzed to …

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Frontiers in Energy, an interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed international journal launched in January 2007, seeks to provide a rapid and unique platform for reporting the most advanced research on energy technology and strategic thinking in order to promote timely communication between researchers, scientists, engineers, and policy makers in the field of energy.

Frontiers in Energy aims to be a leading peer-reviewed platform and an authoritative source of information for analyses, reviews and evaluations in energy engineering and research, with a strong focus on energy analysis, energy modelling and prediction, integrated energy systems, energy conversion and conservation, energy planning and energy on economic and policy issues.

Frontiers in Energy publishes state-of-the-art review articles, original research papers and short communications by individual researchers or research groups. It is strictly peer-reviewed and accepts only original submissions in English. The scope of the journal is broad and covers all latest focus in current energy research. High-quality papers are solicited in, but are not limited to the following areas:

Fundamental energy science

Energy technology, including energy generation, conversion, storage, renewables, transport, urban design and building efficiency

Energy and the environment, including pollution control, energy efficiency and climate change

Energy economics, strategy and policy

Emerging energy issue

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