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02.06.2018 | Editorial

Unconventional energy: Seeking the ways to innovate energy science and technology

30.05.2018 | Research Article

Employing electricity-consumption monitoring systems and integrative time-series analysis models: A case study in Bogor, Indonesia

The Paris Agreement calls for maintaining a global temperature less than 2°C above the pre-industrial level and pursuing efforts to limit the temperature increase even further to 1.5°C. To realize this objective and promote a low-carbon society …

25.05.2018 | Research Article

Expert networks as science-policy interlocutors in the implementation of a monitoring reporting and verification (MRV) system

The Paris Agreement, which entered into effect in 2016, emphasizes a definite timeline for communicating and maintaining successive nationally determined contributions (NDCs) that it plans to achieve in addressing climate change. This calls for …

05.05.2018 | Research Article

Optimization of the power, efficiency and ecological function for an air-standard irreversible Dual-Miller cycle

This paper establishes an irreversible Dual-Miller cycle (DMC) model with the heat transfer (HT) loss, friction loss (FL) and other internal irreversible losses. To analyze the effects of the cut-off ratio (ρ) and Miller cycle ratio (rM) on the …

30.04.2018 | Research Article

Peak CO2 emission in the region dominated by coal use and heavy chemical industries: A case study of Dezhou city in China

This paper studies the pathways of peaking CO2 emissions of Dezhou city in China, by employing a bottom-up sector analysis model and considering future economic growth, the adjustment of the industrial structure, and the trend of energy intensity.

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Frontiers in Energy aims to be a leading peer-reviewed platform and an authoritative source of information for analyses, reviews and evaluations in energy engineering and research, with a strong focus on energy analysis, energy modelling and prediction, integrated energy systems, energy conversion and conservation, energy planning and energy on economic and policy issues.

Frontiers in Energy publishes state-of-the-art review articles, original research papers and short communications by individual researchers or research groups. It is strictly peer-reviewed and accepts only original submissions in English. The scope of the journal is broad and covers all latest focus in current energy research. High-quality papers are solicited in, but are not limited to the following areas:

Fundamental energy science

Energy technology, including energy generation, conversion, storage, renewables, transport, urban design and building efficiency

Energy and the environment, including pollution control, energy efficiency and climate change

Energy economics, strategy and policy

Emerging energy issue

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