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11.02.2015 | Research Article

Research on self-adaptive decision-making mechanism for competition strategies in robot soccer

In the robot soccer competition platform, the current confrontation decision-making system suffers from difficulties in optimization and adaptability. Therefore, we propose a new self-adaptive decision-making (SADM)strategy. SADM compensates for …

11.02.2015 | Research Article

Verifying specifications with associated attributes in graph transformation systems

Graph transformation is an important modeling and analysis technique widely applied in software engineering. The attributes can naturally conceptualize the properties of the modeled artifacts. However, the lack of support for the specification of …

03.02.2015 | Research Article

XGRouter: high-quality global router in X-architecture with particle swarm optimization

This paper presents a high-quality very large scale integration (VLSI) global router in X-architecture, called XGRouter, that heavily relies on integer linear programming (ILP) techniques, partition strategy and particle swarm optimization (PSO).

22.10.2014 | Research Article

Efficient image representation for object recognition via pivots selection

Patch-level features are essential for achieving good performance in computer vision tasks. Besides well-known pre-defined patch-level descriptors such as scaleinvariant feature transform (SIFT) and histogram of oriented gradient (HOG), the kernel …

25.04.2011 | Research Article

Psu: a novel low-latency constant-degree overlay network

Many structured peer-to-peer (P2P) systems supported by distributed hash table (DHT) schemas have been proposed recently to improve the scalability of distributed virtual application systems. By organizing the peers based on interconnection …

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Frontiers of Computer Science is intended to facilitate effective communication and exchanges between scientists in China and abroad. It will reflect the significant advances that are currently being made in computer science. The multidisciplinary character of this field will be typified by providing the readers with a broad range of articles. They include original review articles, research papers written by individual researchers and research groups which appeal to the international community of academics and other professionals.

The journal is to keep related researchers updated on the developments in a wide range of topics reporting experiments, techniques and ideas that advance the understanding of various areas of computer science. This journal especially concerns the following sub-fields (but not limited to): The journal publishes research papers and review articles in a wide range of topics, including software engineering, computer architecture, programming theory and languages, natural language processing, algorithm and complexity, artificial intelligence, network computing and service, computer graphics and virtual reality, security and cryptography, as well as papers reflecting international trends of research and development, and papers on special topics reporting progress made by Chinese computer scientists.

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