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Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering

Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering 1/2015

Ausgabe 1/2015

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 6 Artikel )

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Capacity analysis for cognitive heterogeneous networks with ideal/non-ideal sensing

Tao Huang, Ying-lei Teng, Meng-ting Liu, Jiang Liu

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Animage-based approach to the reconstruction of ancient architectures by extracting and arranging 3D spatial components

J. Divya Udayan, HyungSeok Kim, Jee-In Kim

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

ImgFS: a transparent cryptography for stored images using a filesystem in userspace

Osama A. Khashan, Abdullah M. Zin, Elankovan A. Sundararajan

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Towards a self-adaptive service-oriented methodology based on extended SOMA

Alireza Parvizi-Mosaed, Shahrouz Moaven, Jafar Habibi, Ghazaleh Beigi, Mahdieh Naser-Shariat

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Efficient controller area network data compression for automobile applications

Yu-jing Wu, Jin-Gyun Chung

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

New technique: Design and calibration of a new high-definition three-dimensional laparoscopic system

Jia Tang, Li-qiang Wang, Bo Yuan, Hong Jiang, Qi-ming Zhu

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