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Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering

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China in the eyes of news media: a case study under COVID-19 epidemic

As one of the early COVID-19 epidemic outbreak areas, China attracted the global news media’s attention at the beginning of 2020. During the epidemic period, Chinese people united and actively fought against the epidemic. However, in the eyes of …

22.05.2021 | Review

A review of computer graphics approaches to urban modeling from a machine learning perspective

Urban modeling facilitates the generation of virtual environments for various scenarios about cities. It requires expertise and consideration, and therefore consumes massive time and computation resources. Nevertheless, related tasks sometimes …


Pulse control of frequency and width for a real-time independently adjustable laser source

A set of semiconductor laser pulse seed sources based on an embedded chip is proposed. The greatest feature is that the optical pulse frequency and width can be independently adjusted in real time. The pulse seed sources can be switched …


Deep learning based wavefront sensor for complex wavefront detection in adaptive optical microscopes

The Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor (SHWS) is an essential tool for wavefront sensing in adaptive optical microscopes. However, the distorted spots induced by the complex wavefront challenge its detection performance. Here, we propose a deep …


Received signal strength based indoor positioning algorithm using advanced clustering and kernel ridge regression

We propose a novel indoor positioning algorithm based on the received signal strength (RSS) fingerprint. The proposed algorithm can be divided into three steps, an offline phase at which an advanced clustering (AC) strategy is used, an online …

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Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering (ISSN 2095-9184, monthly), formerly known as Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE C (Computers & Electronics) (2010-2014), is an international peer-reviewed journal launched by Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and Zhejiang University, co-published by Springer & Zhejiang University Press. FITEE is aimed to publish the latest implementation of applications, principles, and algorithms in the broad area of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, including but not limited to Computer Science, Information Sciences, Control, Automation, Telecommunications. There are different types of articles for your choice, including research articles, review articles, science letters, perspective, new technical notes and methods, etc.

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