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08.08.2017 | Research Article

Electroless deposition of Au nanoparticles on reduced graphene oxide/polyimide film for electrochemical detection of hydroquinone and catechol

An electrochemical sensor for determination of hydroquinone (HQ) and catechol (CC) was developed using Au nanoparticles (AuNPs) fabricated on reduced graphene oxide/polyimide (PI/RGO) film by electroless deposition. The electrochemical behaviors …

08.08.2017 | Research Article

Preparation and characterization of phosphate-modified mesoporous TiO2 incorporated in a silica matrix and their photocatalytic properties in the photodegradation of Congo red

This study describes the development of mesostructured TiO2 photocatalysts modified with PO 4 3− to improve its specific surface area and reduce the recombination rate of the electron?hole pairs. The mesoporous photocatalyst was successfully …

08.08.2017 | Research Article

Dynamic recrystallization behavior of AZ31 magnesium alloy processed by alternate forward extrusion

One of the important factors that affect the microstructure and properties of extruded products is recrystallization behavior. Alternate forward extrusion (AFE) is a new type of metal extrusion process with strong potential. In this paper, we …

08.08.2017 | Research Article

In vitro corrosion of Mg–Ca alloy — The influence of glucose content

Influence of glucose on corrosion of biomedical Mg-1.35Ca alloy was made using hydrogen evolution, pH and electrochemical polarization in isotonic saline solution. The corrosion morphologies, compositions and structures were probed by virtue of …

27.06.2017 | Research Article

Highly ordered Ag–TiO2 nanocomposited arrays with high visible-light photocatalytic activity

TiO2 is active only in the ultraviolet region. To enhance the active ability, a combined method consisting of the anodic oxidation method and the hydrothermal method was developed to prepare highly ordered Ag-TiO2 nanocomposited arrays. The anodic …

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Frontiers of Materials Science is a peer-reviewed international journal that publishes high quality reviews/mini-reviews, full-length research papers, and short Communications recording the latest pioneering studies on all aspects of materials science.

The subjects are seen from international and interdisciplinary perspectives covering areas including (but not limited to): biomaterials including biomimetics and biomineralization; nano materials; polymers and composites; new metallic materials; advanced ceramics; materials modeling and computation; frontier materials synthesis and characterization; novel methods for materials manufacturing; materials performance; materials applications in energy, information and biotechnology.

This journal is jointly published by Higher Education Press and Springer. Only manuscripts in English are accepted. No page charge is levied, and even the extra costs associated with color figure reproduction are not expected to be met by the author.

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