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22.07.2020 | Views & Comments Open Access

Establishing distinctive theories and methods of design science rooted in Chinese traditional culture

The human social development saw the formation of five unique civilizations, with the latter forming their own distinctive cultures. China’s traditional culture is its most fundamental ideological weapon for solving problems. The Chinese are good …

21.06.2020 | Research Article Open Access

Level set band method: A combination of density-based and level set methods for the topology optimization of continuums

The level set method (LSM), which is transplanted from the computer graphics field, has been successfully introduced into the structural topology optimization field for about two decades, but it still has not been widely applied to practical …

04.06.2020 | Research Article

Evaluation of measurement uncertainty of the high-speed variable-slit system based on the Monte Carlo method

This paper presents a dynamic and static error transfer model and uncertainty evaluation method for a high-speed variable-slit system based on a two-dimensional orthogonal double-layer air-floating guide rail structure. The motion accuracy of the …

12.05.2020 | Research Article Open Access

Influence of direct electric current on wetting behavior during brazing

The wetting behavior of liquid metals is of great importance for many processes. For brazing, however, a targeted modification beyond the adjustment of conventional process parameters or the actual set-up was not possible in the past. Therefore …

12.05.2020 | Research Article

Machinability of damage-tolerant titanium alloy in orthogonal turn-milling

The damage-tolerant titanium alloy TC21 is used extensively in important parts of advanced aircraft because of its high strength and durability. However, cutting TC21 entails problems, such as high cutting temperature, high tool tip stress, rapid …

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Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering is an international peer-reviewed academic journal sponsored by the Ministry of Education of China. The journal seeks to provide a forum for a broad blend of high-quality academic papers in order to promote rapid communication and exchange between researchers, scientists, and engineers in the field of mechanical engineering. The journal publishes original research articles, review articles and feature articles.

The journal covers all major branches of mechanical engineering including (not limited to): machines and mechanisms, gears and transmissions, mechanical system dynamics, mechanical structures and stress analysis, tribology and surface technology, mechanical design and bionics, machining processes and technologies, manufacturing automation, precision engineering, mechatronics and embedded systems, micro/nano manufacturing and systems, robotics, sensing, MEMS, and green manufacturing.

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