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Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering

Ausgabe 10/2022

Inhalt (9 Artikel)

Open Access Research Article

Development of deep neural network model to predict the compressive strength of FRCM confined columns

Khuong Le-Nguyen, Quyen Cao Minh, Afaq Ahmad, Lanh Si Ho

Research Article

Structural performance assessment of GFRP elastic gridshells by machine learning interpretability methods

Soheila Kookalani, Bin Cheng, Jose Luis Chavez Torres

Research Article

Effect of fineness of ash on pozzolanic properties and acid resistance of sugarcane bagasse ash replaced cement mortars

Shan E. Ali, Rizwan Azam, Muhammad Rizwan Riaz, Mohamed Zawam

Research Article

Fatigue evaluation of steel-concrete composite deck in steel truss bridge—A case study

Huating Chen, Xianwei Zhan, Xiufu Zhu, Wenxue Zhang

Research Article

Temperature and structural responses of a single-section utility tunnel throughout fire exposure

Yanmin Yang, Ying Xiong, Yongqing Li, Xiangkun Meng, Peng Wang, Tianyuan Cai